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California's problem with their streesed out dams
I have had actually three dreams about California's full stressed out dam's mostly to do with Oroville. One dream if it goes it's a mega tsunami then I was explain to my mother the consequences of Oroville Dam failure showing the river downstream that it flows down all the way to would put a good portion of Sacramento underwater in a couple of hours. There is a good video that came out on youtube about the problems with Oroville dam under the name of susan wolding. Jack in va has good stuff on his twitter account about Oroville's problems. Right now Oroville less than 15 feet from overtopping again and Shasta is only 10 feet from overtooping but it has a working spillway...why they are letting it get that high I don't know, though.
I had two more dreams about Oroville collapsing once again. Water level is 899 now only 11 feet from the elevation of emergency spillway and still no increase in use of emergency spillway either...three of the water turbines went on one side and they won't allow people up at the lake. There is a good chance of significant rain later this week which is the absolute worse thing that could happen and it could push Oroville to overflow(sooner rather than later) once again if it is over an inch directly over Oroville but it will also be bad if it is still in the feather river basin which flows into Oroville. If there is more rain in the area around northern California things are going to get really dicey. My Shasta can turn up their spillway but it is only 9 feet below it's elevation right now and lake almanor is past the legal limit it is suppose to be at and releasing water into feather is above Oroville so it does affect Oroville.
There was another failure of a dam in Texas(on guadloupe river) on Tuesday..the water basically pushed out one of the spillway gates. Oroville is past 890 Feet after the rain storm and there are pics showing where they have a couple large back hoe like vehicles helping hold two of the gates on the spillway. It's still raining and snowing in the drainage basin of the dam and there could be rain on and off up to may 22.
I had another dream of Oroville collapsing. It seemed like it was overflowing again but the overflowing stops. It isn't overflowing when a part of the concrete dam cracks and falls off and then there is further cracking and then it then it fails and breaks apart. In another dream it seemed that the collapsed is triggered by something that happens at the Almanor dam which flows into the Oroville dam basin.

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