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Monarchy Is Forever is not Jesus +Real Gematria
Sleepy     I just watched a video on YouTube of a guy off this site that thinks he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He used Gematria to come up with some random examples of why he believes so. Gematria was created in Anceint Babylonian Times and it is used to find God, but you Sir are not it. I’ll bet my soul on it...

This is how Gematria is used properly.
Daleth, welcome.
     Thank you Sir I appreciate it Smile

Is there a way to post another Gematria sample in this thread or are we limited to just one attachment? I have thousands of examples of correct Gematria. (I just wanted to list one more)

Edit: I might have figured it out...

There, that is another example of proper Gematria. Not the random things that Monarchy is Forever is trying to equate to him being Jesus like “Hospital” and “The Cube” LOL what would that have to do with him being Jesus ?

Here’s his video for anyone that doesn’t know what I’m talking about.
There are trillions of combinations of words and phrases. For example, adding an S at the end of any noun alters the resulting number without affecting the underlying meaning. It wouldn't be too hard to have a database of resulting numbers and just search for a word you need.
    Yes exactly. Anyone can look up their name and find a word or phrase that has to do with something else but it happens to land under there name so they they try to equate that word to themselves. If God was to be calculated using Gematria you would need to have all your information calculated like first, middle and last name, plus birthday, plus Zodiac and the numbers would have to start overlapping.

Besides what God would be named “John” born in the year of the Monkey LOL

This is real Gematria.

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