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Some Interesting Gematria
For those not familiar with the subject the Anunnaki were the name of the Sumerian race that referred to themselves as Gods.

They created ancient Sumeria (the first civilization) and claimed to have created humans. They also claimed to have come from a planet named Niburu.

These are calculations I’ve done through the Ancient Babylonian practice of Gematria. What is interesting is the word Anunnaki and the word Niburu have the same exact number correlation along with the other words I’ve calculated.

It’s beyond mere chance these words (in English mind you) correlate to the same exact numerical values almost 450,000 years after these claims, especially considering the words where converted from another language to English which didn’t exist until just a few thousand years ago.

[Image: 6e23c5ff16fe500a69d912b06cdb938c.jpg]

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Here are a few more calculation I came up with in regards to “Reptilians” people talk about.

[Image: 7ee673cfa8f56c4a556f19f9079e7c3c.jpg]

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[Image: a804232737853a97b94864493a5eb0e9.jpg]

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