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On the Wrong Track
Tl;dr: I dreamed I was on a train that stopped just before the track it was on became too treacherous. I've had a similar dream before, in which I escape certain death and was rewarded with comfort and rest. 

I had a dream I was riding in a train, but it seemed like I could neither see the train nor the engineer(s). It seemed like we were going fairly steady on the track we were on, but that track was due to end, so they switched us into another track that was so treacherous and in such a state of disrepair that the train was liable to derail. Knowing the track we were on was too dangerous, they stopped the train near a farm where I got off. It seemed like I was very large compared to the train. There were also several things in the way, including a large mine cart we plowed through. I also recall making a remark, not long before I got off the train, that there was a grave marker on the track.

At this farm, there were several trinkets that had been made by the owner, including an interesting wooden Mickey Mouse pendant and some metal beads. I could feel the cold metal between my fingers, where I usually place beads to feel how cold they are. I took great pleasure in these things and resolved to take them with me. 

I've had a similar dream before, in which I found myself in danger of being killed and ran, only to find myself maneuvering through large machinery. I had a thought that one of them might turn on and kill me...and sure enough, one of them turned on and nearly crushed my legs before I hopped over a 7 foot privacy fence and landed in soft grass and ate food that was more satisfying than anything I'd ever had.
I have had dreams of being on trains also, which usually mean that I am "in training" or learning some lesson in life. Helpful dreams. Thank you for sharing.

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