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Prediction Florida School Shooting
Two dreams same night that I think are connected. First the dreams then some thoughts about  them.
 I see  a group of 4 or so guys riding in a car. It is a 'hot rod' and it is being driven fast and recklessly by the driver/owner.  The driving is unsafe and dangerous dodging traffic and zipping in and out of lanes.  The car seems to be an older model classic car, maybe one that has been restored, maybe from the late fifties or sixties.  The driver also seems like a guy from that same time period with dark black greased back hair.  He is nice looking, maybe a 'rough neck.' (Think Happy Days)  The group is stopped at a place that is theirs'? Maybe a public building or a school.  Anyway they decide that they have had enough of this guy and they want him gone.  They know he loves this car. So for some reason they all start throwing oranges at the car.  They strike the car and him.  Some of the oranges are pulled open to make them messy and juicy and acidic. The dark haired car owner...the name somewhere said out....does drive away.  He is hurt, embarrassed and very angry.     2nd dream:  I see a group of about 12 or so people, possibly more.  They are all standing in a small room near and around a man who is the center of attention.  The man might me Tim Tebow.  Anyway this man is asking for an interpretation of his dream.  He is very frustrated for the dream has great meaning but he needs it interpreted.  Then the dream is interpreted and this is what is said:  University of Florida.   Oranges.  A Shooter killing people.  A hero who is owed a great debt. (and maybe the word Lexington).  The crowd of people continue moving slowly out of a door to the outside sunshine.  Strong feelings of guilt permeate the air. END
Notes and thoughts.  Oranges featured strongly in both dreams.  I did some internet searching and learned that Tim Tebow is an alumnus of The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.  I also learned that the University of Central Florida (UCF) is located in Orlando, Florida which turns out to be in Orange County.  Also located in Orlando, of course, is Walt Disney World.  (Could this be where the "Walter" comes in?)  
Actually I did a lot of internet searches for things like school colors and mascots and the like. Clemson in SC came to mind a few times.  Still have trouble with Lexington if that is what was said.  But the way I want to leave this for now is that I believe these dreams may be a warning about a shooter on a campus of a school in Florida in the USA.  And it seems to be pointing toward University of Central Florida. The shooter may be a disgruntled student past or present.  I also ponder if Disney World is connected, perhaps an employee.  I will post more if I dream more.
Great details, Ridley, and great connections! Thank you
An update and some comments and thoughts.  On May 31, 2019 ten days after I posted this dream, another mass shooting occurred.  This time it was in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I did notice some similarities between my posting and what occurred in Virginia.  Twelve people were killed with four remaining in hospital at this time. (The gunman was also killed.)  In my dream there were twelve or so people gathered in a small room around a man.  They all moved to what I thought was sunlight but maybe it was the 'light.'  I thought the man was Tim Tebow.  I feel now that the man was "the Dream" who needed a dream interpreted.  There was still a light presence or feeling of Tebow.  The dream I had  stated Florida, oranges and shooter.  Nothing made me think of Virginia. It did occur at a public building that looked like a college building and was referred to as being part of a 'campus.'  In my dream there was definitely a shooter. I also have learned recently that ammunition, bullets are often orange in color.  Shotgun shells come in a variety of orange shades.  12 gauge ammo is orange. Training ammo called Dummy Drill is bright orange little round hard balls.  Also some bullets have orange tips.  I thought this was interesting. Perhaps the oranges in the dream represented more than one thing such as a specific color and also ammunition.  My dream seemed to be so strong about Florida not Virginia though there are similarities.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was the last such shooting regardless of location? Perhaps that is the real dream.  

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