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Lab downsizing
Had a minor dream, but there seemed to be elements of the future in it, so posted here:

Dream I am walking in hallway of a science building.  My former advisor is angry and leaving his current faculty position for another University.  The halls are dark.  I hold a handheld light in my hand, powered by my own body physiology.  The light is in the shape of a flattened wand or tower with multiple small lights embedded in it, like bluish LED lights.  Next, I am moving into a small lab, tight for space, everyone squeezing in.  The desks are strange looking.  They slope down in the middle, forming a well-like area to work in.  The sides of the desks are then higher, which creates a pseudo-boundary with adjacent desks.

Some sense of lab downsizing in this dream and people making the best of it.  Everyone seems to be getting along and adapting.  In real life, my former advisor is still in his current position.  So this may be a future event.  There is a story on the internet about a student who has created a flashlight powered by body heat only - no need for batteries.  It does not look like the light in my dream, but is a similar idea.

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