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Eddie Van Halen dies
I dreamed twice that Eddie Van Halen dies before his time due to his bad treatment of certain people. First dream says blank you eddie van halen you're dead now for treating people like crap.
Well, just seen on the news Eddie Van Halen has died today of cancer at 65.
Your precognition appears to be about 15 months out. Now that's talent! Smile
I don't think it's natural just induced forces not of this planet. My mom , sister and I were once followed by a UFO for several miles back in 1977 in Indiana. This didn't come to the forefront until August of 1993 when a Chinook helicopter came behind the woods two days in a row searching for something. There a disinformation story put on the front of the Marion Chronicle tribune about this so called Army reserve program to find pot plants in remote areas. For one thing, only the national guard could legally operate like that back then in the USA itself and another it said the program was based out of California. It was a bunch of bs. A lot went down there from 1993 to March 1996 as far as activity including more helicopter flights including one at a place where I was working over 30 miles from the house in July 1995 which was kind of harassing low flight over the factory. It's too long to go into detail about but it seemed like I was subjected to some type of time travel project and that's where this comes from. It was so intense that before the move down here in Febuary 1996 I about bleed to death internally...5 pints of blood transfusions and three days in ICU. I used to know when an earthquake would happen form 1994 late in the year to fall of 1998 when it finally subsided I would get bad physical symptoms which I was glad they finally subsided but they were accuarate 100 percent of the time.

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