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Pearl Harbor Again
I had a dream last night about Pearl Harbor. I was on Oahu and there was another attack. This one was a little off shore and had some small nuclear component too. I don't remember much of the dream just that I was trying to get as far from the area as possible. It wasn't the Japanese this time. It was someone we currently have tension with though I am not sure who specifically.
Any day residue involved here, TB? Have you watched a documentary about Pearl Harbor recently?
Well, maybe.

I posted it because I woke up right after the dream and felt I should remember it.
I am traveling to Oahu in October and while I didn't make any plans for the trip over the past few day, I had done some planning about a week ago.
I felt that this was similar to 911 or Pearl Harbor. I felt it was a surprise. I also felt it might not be about the US but perhaps about another country and that Pearl Harbor was the example to understand it was a surprise type of attack.

Curiously, I just saw this news article and perhaps it is related.
N. Korea fired two small missiles into the sea of Japan today. Perhaps I was picking up on that and the fear it brings to nearby nations to N. Korea.
"Japan's defence minister Takeshi Iwaya told reporters that it was still analysing the type of missiles fired, adding: "If they were ballistic missiles, they violate the UN sanctions, and I find it extremely regrettable."
"The firing of ballistic missiles casts new doubts on efforts to restart denuclearisation "
in monday i had a dream about 3 japanese men testing some tiny piece of explosive on a gorgeous tropical beach, white sand cristal water all that. weird concidence.
the explosive was the size of a marble attached to some kind of brick
Remember Project August? Overlaps like this were prime material for what turned out to be accurate predictions.
Yes I do remember it. With project September, there were many hits too. The Syrian migrant crisis and the finding of water on mars being 2 examples.

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