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War Beginning
Hello Everyone

Latest Dream 10th September 2019: I was stood looking out of a window of a highrise building, I see a flash of light in the distance and thought I heard rumbling thunder... Air Raid sirens began to go off and missiles began to be launched outside from the ground, anti-missile missiles lots of them but they had not stopped all of them.

I didn't stick around to see how that ended I woke up. 

The place although I was present was not my current home, it was a high building on the edge of a large open dusty plain.
Whenever the stock market goes down significantly, there always seems to be a war that erupts....
I'm at my busy period of the year at present so I will probably have more on the matter in the coming months.
Here is a link to Israeli Defense Forces on Twitter. Looks like their Iron Dome Aerial Defense System is keeping busy.

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