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Dream of friends son. 9.30.19
I have a friend who has a son named Ali. He is 25 years of age, a mechanic and lives in Shiraz, Iran. I have never met Ali or ever talked with him. The time difference is 8.5 hours ahead of me. The dream is between 10:00pm Sunday evening and 1:00am Monday morning.

Dream: I am walking toward a car repair business. I ask about Ali and where can I find him. I'm told, he is in the garage working. I'm asked, is he expecting you? I say yes, we have a date to talk. I walk toward the garage and he looks up and I tell him we need to talk. He ignores me and I tell him I'm not leaving until he listens. He puts down the tool he was holding and says, okay, I'm ready to listen.
End of Dream.

When I wake later for the day, I feel like I should not go to work. I wasn't feeling well, but not bad enough to call in sick. However, the feeling was strong that I should stay home. I rec'd a text from my friend at 11:00am my time, letting me know his son was in an car accident early that morning on the way to work. He hit a guy on a motorcycle and the guy is in the hospital in ICU. He son is fine, no injuries. He knows I am a Christian and asked me to pray for the guy in ICU and his son and both their families. So I contacted some prayer lines. Then I did very intense "special" prayers I reserved for life or death events. He and his son went to the hospital again, 24 hours later and guess what? Yes, the man is out of ICU and doing well! Praise the Good Lord!

Also wanted to mention, just a few days before the accident, my friend was talking to me about how he is so concerned about his son because he is a crazy driver. I joked with him that all Persians are crazy drivers.

The reason I posted this is to remind people to listen to their intuition. Had I not been home, I would not have had the privacy to do intense prayer work.
Cassandra, yes we do need to follow our intuition. Thanks for posting this as it is a great example of what can happen. I am glad the man is out of ICU.
Hey TB. I'm waiting right now for an update. I also prayed no retribution to his son. They do things different there.

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