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10/19/14 Happy & Confident; Japan, Barry, Planet X
Who was it that was yearning for a positive DreamBot run? Oh right….ALL OF US! Well, here we go. There’s nothing but happy, lovely, grateful and confident. This is the first run thus far where lines blur between groupings. In fact, there is a great possibility that the whole run itself is a single story, so let’s explore the groupings I identified. Oh wait….as you read this, think about day residue for a moment…with all this ebola fear porn going around, can any of this be day residue?

1. Humanity is gaining confidence, and we are “hardly kidding.”

2. This group MIGHT belong in the 1st group, but regardless…Japan is shooting up. This isn’t the Dallas level just yet, but notice how much confidence this pairing produces…”Excellent” “Fitting” “Confident” “Pro” and even “Shelter.” To me, this feels like Japan is going to lead the world in something, and that something will make the world happier.

3. Barry is not done, as indicated by the name shooting up yet again, AND it’s surrounded by “Gigantic Rocket.” Something big about to shoot out that Barry the Rabbi case, or of course, there’s also Barry Soetoro, don’t forget. EITHER WAY, notice the words, “Vaguely American,” and we’ve got ourselves one big dynamo for a news story. Also notice the synchronicity…a dream just this morning by our new dream talent Aixia, where she see’s a friend “sitting on top of a blow-up rocket that is white and red.” ( )

4. Is American football escaping, or is it becoming “Vaguely American?”

5. To me, this feels like Planet X, but even if it is, it’s far enough down our list to be considered “very low probability” (until, of course, it escalates later with high congruence and correlations).

Finally, what if, just what if the recent P2 group mission is what influenced this run? The timing is incredible. Our first day of the mission started yesterday, and this is the first clearly positive DreamBot run in ages. Something to consider I guess.


Plain Text:
10/19/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

happier    219.0%    2400.0%
gimme    217.4%    2300.0%
hardly    55.8%    1200.0%
kidding    88.5%    1100.0%
escalating    94.8%    1000.0%
excellent    76.6%    1000.0%
confident    64.9%    1000.0%
fitting    80.6%    800.0%
japan    75.0%    800.0%
pro    51.7%    800.0%
scooter    132.6%    700.0%
shelter    90.4%    550.0%
barry    171.4%    500.0%
thanks    81.2%    333.3%
rocket    173.8%    266.7%
gigantic    83.6%    266.7%
lovely    79.3%    250.0%
vaguely    91.1%    225.0%
american    80.2%    225.0%
theater    59.2%    200.0%
football    48.8%    200.0%
escaping    87.0%    180.0%
religious    54.0%    175.0%
asteroid    100.8%    160.0%
interest    96.0%    160.0%
paralysis    88.0%    160.0%
lesson    99.3%    157.1%
gliding    108.7%    133.3%
student    61.5%    128.6%
That definitely is a smiley list~!
BTW, that is the physical thing I have been doing, smiling,
with pure enjoyment through my exorcising mission. *grin
Could Planet X be an asteroid, in reality? Could biblical "wormwood" be what this is talking about? Well, guess so since bible is vague about many things because of folks "seeing" the times we live in, thousands of years ago.

RV'er Ed Dames said he believes they see Wormwood coming around same time as the pandemic. ***Note for the interested*** Dames will be the guest on Coast radio this coming Tuesday evening. Personally, I sorta can't wait.

Sure, theater and football are an escape for many. Yep, some could be escaping religious pressures from others, for example.

Japan? well, their currency is in more trouble than most know, says the RV'ers, via Dames, hmm. Fukushima is worse since their two typhoons. In fact, they had total and complete meltdown so that they can't even find some of the cores, but govts. lie to their people, and ours is at least guilty of "lies of omission" per what we are being told about Japan. What else is soon to be new about Japan?! or are folks dreaming that name because of one of these two mentioned issues?

Barry, LOL....well, the most famous dude by that name is indeed "barely American!" Maybe this barry that made the news in DC area is barely American, too.

Please forgive my redundancy, but "escaping religious asteroid" indeed could be one way of referring to wormwood.

"Happier gimme" LOL yeah, I too am happier when someone gives me something. (couldn't resist) this is a fun-run. I can do so much with it that's reality based. It looks like the type of bot run that I can come back to hours later, if that...or next day and get something new/dif. from it.

Give your bots a hug from me, will ya? Wink
Unfortunately Fukishima is what I thought of in Japan. Had not even thought about the typhoons.

As far as wormwood, if someone is trying to link it to planet X...

“The third angel blew [his] trumpet, and a huge star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it dropped on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— And the name of the star is Wormwood. A third part of the waters was changed into wormwood, and many people died from using the water, because it had become bitter”

BP in the Gulf of Mexico and then the pacific has had Fukishima... that is about a third of the waters.
Here is a lesson we all can understand.
How you can change the world right now --- No, really!
By Kim Giles
Published Oct. 20, 2014
If you spend every day focused on controlling these things, you will feel better about the rest. I promise. You will also be helping to push the world in a more positive direction. You can do this.

gigantic ice ball?
Comet makes rare close encounter with Mars
Oct. 20, 2014 - 2:20 -

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