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Disturbance in my Spirit
Since yesterday 1.16.2020, my Spirit has been greatly disturbed. This morning I prayed about trying to understand what's what's. Then this song came to me just now, The Caissons Go Rolling Along.
We're in the midst of a massive energetic shift. Doorways are opening and closing. Timelines are adjusting. In short, it's quite chaotic on the energy front these days. About all you can do is acknowledge it and practice very good self energetic hygiene. Things will settle down eventually(Hopefully by 2021).
The March of the US Army.
Wonder if it has to do with war.
Thanks for posting. The. Pentagon said today that there were actually 11 casualties for the base that was hit in Iraq. Many with concussions. Wonder if that was it. Hope it isn't anything more.
I'm still feeling it this morning, 1/17/2020, 10:58 CST.

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