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1/23/20 Honorable Flying Ace
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How to read DreamBot runs:
And suddenly the oil and transportation theme is gone. Poof!
I often think when recurring themes suddenly disappear, it's because we picked up on the theme. Like bot's saying "Can you hear me now?" and we finally say, "Oh yeah, we can hear you."

smart gen star Something involving a military general.

2020 dream journal LOL-bot wants dream journals so we can learn from our dreams.

iii And this is back. No clue about this one.
DLP in response to your thoughts on "iii".

I'm not saying this is correct, and I certainly hope not. But
this is the response to my Google search on how many different types plagues exist?

Symptoms. Plague is divided into three main types — bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic — depending on which part of your body is involved.Feb 5, 2019
Mayo Clinic › plague › syc-20351291
Plague - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
I agree, I hope that's not it but...given the coronavirus spreading, we're seeing how fast a pandemic would occur globally and there wouldn't be a damned thing anyone could do about it. If iii is a reference to plague, it's appeared repeatedly since I returned to the board, which infers that whatever it represents, it's gonna be big and affect a great many people.

Guess we'll have to wait and see. Unfortunately, the drawback to the bot runs are us, the humans, trying to figure out what the bot is telling us and usually that happens after an event occurs. But I can't imagine how we can get around the limitations at this point.

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