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2/28/20 Rabbit Dinner
Trending in the Collective Dreams (See chart below for visual representation):  rabbit dinner dreaming rocket putting lucid info simply downstairs beginning tan half specific birth hold related higher quickly lost search time probably orange similar yesterday dreamt connected starts kinda happy 

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NOTE: We are 2 days from March 1st. Each month, many folks declare "rabbit, rabbit!" in hopes of bring good luck for the coming month. The fact that DreamBot sees Rabbit being eaten (i.e., rabbit dinner), does that make March 2020 a very unfortunate month? Or maybe the world ends March 2020. Supporting this is "Beginning Tan," which could mean that the rabbit skin is cured and tanned. Any ideas?
I thought of the "rabbit, rabbit" thing, too. That was promptly followed by "down the rabbit hole." Then came the White Rabbit's lament of being late for an important date.

IOW, March is going to be a descent into Wonderland, with a possible side trip through the looking glass.

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