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NOTE: This run isn’t about TREASURE. It’s 100% about TREASURY. Just as I was waiting for the DreamBot to return from its internet missions this evening, I stumbled upon a most interesting article on ZeroHedge. Interestingly, this is literally the first time I have been to zerohedge since the 2008 debacle cause it was that year I lost everything. Without money, without debt, with a plummeting credit score, I abandoned zerohedge. Literally my first time back to that site and this was the very first article:

I encourage people to read it. Here’s a quote from the long article: “The Fed just cutting rates again at this stage is really not the right medicine,” Li said."'The Treasury market is broken -- with it being very illiquid. There’s very wide spreads between on- and off-the-run spreads," and other signs of dislocation.” Basically, no one is buying US Treasuries! NO ONE! Volatility is getting out of control and the US Treasury market appears to be in disrepair. Thus, today’s DreamBot saying “SHADOW TREASURE” is an almost perfect match to the zerohedge article and to the Treasury bond dilemma. The rest of the bot run is ominous. I’d go to the ATM machine now and pull some money out if you haven’t already…..just in case. 

Happy Friday the 13th!

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I'll admit that market stuff and economics causes my eyes to glaze over but I know one thing: The government and the Fed are acting like throwing over a trillion dollars at the markets to prop them up is the ticket but they're oh, so wrong. It's a global market and attempting to stanch the flow ignores all the other markets' holes which are gushing freely. There is no easy fix for this mess because it's been years in the making as the governments allowed the financial world to wheel and deal with impunity.

We're teetering on one leg of the stool right now. All it will take is one more event-a war or natural disaster-to knock the stool over completely and then we are done. Hope everyone is using this time to get as squared away as possible. Undecided

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