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Rioting in the City
So it started out pretty plain, as far as dreams go. I was at work, in tight quarters (I work in an open floor plan, but this took it to an extreme, it was study carrels without dividers LOL). I was finishing up a new business proposal.

In printing it out, I thought my boss should see it, but he was surrounded by a ton of people all vying for his attention, and I had a thought that these two women that I know would need to see it as well. So I gathered up the printouts, and went to find them.

I arrived at a store that they owned, and it was PACKED with people. It was a toy store, and it was like folks were fighting for the last toy before Christmas. I decided to come back later, but somehow on my way back, even though it was a short trip there, I got very lost.

Suddenly the quality of the dream shifted. Very clearly I could see I was in a much larger city than what I work in. I could see a lot looking downhill (but I’m not sure if it was really hilly, or a dreamlike panorama perspective, where you can see more. The perspective made it look like the street corner was a triangle). I could see a man laying half on the sidewalk, and half in the street. I went a bit closer and I could see he was dead. It was then I noticed a lot of people in the streets, and there was complete chaos. The streets looked wet. Then I saw riot police in full gear. Helmets with face shields, body shields and weapons. People were running. Then I realized that a number of storefronts were on fire.

I took off in a different direction, only to have a young man in his 20s approach me and grab me by the arm. He seemed to know me, and I felt I was being kidnapped. Unlike me in dreams usually, I got all up in his grill and screamed for HELP!!!!!

It had the needed effect of him losing his grip on my arm, and I ran off down the street.

End of dream.

On an interesting thought I had after I woke, the business proposal is real, and it’s due around the beginning of May.
Thanks for sharing. I'm getting Nada in dream time even after asking.
My dreams have gotten more vivid lately, not sure why.
Good to hear that, GG.
It's to be expected when everything goes down. I have dreamed the highways to big cities are roadblocked and only certain persons can go in and out if they have permission.
Not much in the way of dreams for me, except for one about a friend who was having difficulty keeping their business open.
Easy to imagine that scenario, TB. Not if but rather, which ones?

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