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Tracking a murder
14 March 2020

Again, how I wrote the dream in my journal.

A group of women. Don't know them and no idea why I'm there. The leader tells me I'm there to show them what I can do. I tell them no and start to leave. No interest in performing for this bunch. Strikes me as a bad move. But I'm stopped by a guy. A cop. He tells me I need to do this, to really show what I'm capable of doing. He tells me not to worry, that I'll be safe, that he's there to protect me. So I tell the group ok, I'll show them what they want to know but we'll do it my way or not at all. Boss lady isn't happy about that but agrees.

I drop down into the energy and begin walking. Cop is walking with me. Ask what I'm looking for. I tell him I'm tracking someone who's missing. Dead. Lead the way onto a beach. It's dusk now. No one else on the beach but us. Everything takes on a dreamy quality. I lead the way to a dune. Here, I say, dropping to my knees and digging in the sand with my hands. The cop joins me. The group stands around, watching.

Cop asks what I'm getting. I look at him say, in a sort of sing-song voice, He's dead. They killed him. Buried him. He's dead. As I speak, we uncover a man's hand sticking up out of the sand. As if he'd been trying to dig his way out of the sand. In the same sing-song voice I say, He's dead, but he wasn't when they buried him. He woke up a bit in the sand. Tried to dig free but ran out of air. Who? asks the cop. I close my eyes and my voice changes again as I say, It'll be okay, Rick. Now that he's gone, we'll be together. Forever. Then my voice shifts back to the sing-song. Talk to the boyfriend, I say. Cop says, We didn't know there was a boyfriend. Oh, I say, there's more than one boyfriend. She's played them all and when this one discovered what she did, she killed him and Rick helped her bury him. Who? asks the cop, Why? You'd have to ask her, I say. I point to the leader of the group and say, Her. You have to ask her. The group gasps. The cop leans back, looks from me to her, and says, Son of a bitch. I smile. Still sing-song, I say, Time for me to go now.

And I woke.
Wow. Strange that wifey had a dream about me last night....I was just a head and it freaked her out
At least you weren't a hand sticking out of the sand. Wink

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