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Prediction Red Cross
Hello all

Another short and cryptic received last night...

"The Red Cross Is Finished"

As to what it is about I'm not sure, a bit of a discussion I overheard?
A mystery.
My first thought was a flag with red cross.
While it's a possibility that the saying "The red cross is finished" pertains to the Red Cross organization(Which would seem to imply some sort of scandal or financial issue), I don't get the vibe that's the reference. I think it means a country. My first thought was Switzerland. Then I decided to check what other nations have flags with red crosses on them.

Flags with red crosses

Turns out I had the Swiss flag's colors reversed. There's a whole history about how the Red Cross organization chose their flag-a red cross on a white field-based on the Swiss flag's white cross on a red field.

But one flag with a prominent red cross is the Union Jack, the flag of the UK.
There is a Red Cross in the British flag.
The American Red Cross, organization already referred to, is in desperate need of blood donations.  The blood supply was already low because people do not donate in large numbers like they used to do.  But because of COVID-19 virus people are afraid to give blood.  So the blood supply is low. The low blood supply does affect many hospital procedures.  Maybe you were picking up on some of the stress the Red Cross is experiencing at this time.
Great thread everybody! What if everyone's answer is correct? Check out March 24th bot run, btw. TB9's hypothesis could be spot on with the Queen going up in Smoke?
Here's another red cross:

mercy ship
It indeed may simply refer to branches of the Red Cross within certain states and they falter under the pressure of the pandemic??? My guess anyway.

When the dust settles and the lockdown/pandemic is ended the finger-pointing begins this may later play into other dreams I have posted... Like a jigsaw.

As to its true meaning, it definitely meant finished as in kaput.

Royal family??? maybe... Prince Phillip has the virus, so must others.

We will have to wait and see.
everyone, take a look at this old entry, it can't be bumped since it is in the old database
Quote:Royal family??? maybe... Prince Phillip has the virus, so must others.

So does/did Prince Charles.

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