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Woman on Airplane, 3/27/2020
Dreamed this morning. No day residue so wanted to post.

I am standing in the isle next to a 3-seat row in an airplane. I see a woman sitting in the window seat. The woman is Caucasian and has curly short blonde hair. She is so still I wonder if she is alive. Her eyes are wide open. There is a white (with a little iridescent color) bright light in the eyes. Her mouth is wide open, wider than what would be normal. The light was shooting out of her mouth like the beam of a big flashlight.

My thoughts while watching: Dang this is intense. Is this in the Bible?
What did you feel about the light? Was it positive or not?
Only emotion was "this is serious, this is real.'" No good or bad emotion. I was in Reporter mode.

Had the feeling it is a signal/sign of something starting. Like the steps in a process.
Got to admit, this has my Spidey-sense tingling. Going to have to sit with this and see what emerges.
This reminds me of an ascension theme.
Hey GG - What is a "ascension theme"?
I'm posting today's meditation, because it seemed to tie in to this dream:

I'm walking down the aisle of a small airplane. I get to my seat. There's a woman sitting next to the window. Blonde. Indeterminate age. I sit down next to her. She glances at me, then returns her attention to the window. Plane takes off. We're in the air. The sky outside the window is blue, with clouds above and below us. The woman turns her attention to me. Her eyes are odd, almost glowing. She kind of tilts her head as she studies me. She doesn't blink the entire time. This goes on for what feels like a long time but was just seconds in the vision. Then she says, in a voice that sounded like one of those computer assistant voices(Alexa/Siri), "You came." I don't reply. "It is time," she says. I don't reply. She opens her mouth and out streams light but I can also see symbols and numbers in the stream. It makes me think of those scenes from The Matrix where computer code is running down the screen. The stream flows around me and into the rest of the plane. Then she turns to the window and the stream flows out the window and into the sky. This goes on for some time in the vision until she abruptly shuts her mouth. She looks at me again. "They believe it came from somewhere else. It did not." Somehow I knew she was talking about COVID-19. For the first time, I speak, asking her where it came from. She says, "From me."

At that point, I saw that one scene from the end of the movie 12 Monkeys, that took place on an airplane. It's been a while since I saw that movie so I'm not too clear on those details but I do remember there was a woman on the plane and the inference was she was the real start of the pandemic, not who everyone thought it was(There's actually a lot of theories about the significance of the woman's presence, this is but one).

IAH, I don't know why she recognized me or what it was she was trying to tell me, nor do I understand the significance of what I saw in the stream. But I'm a messenger and I knew this was a message for me to pass along.

ETA: I went looking for a plot synopsis for 12 Monkeys and came across this site that did a fairly thorough synopsis:

12 Monkeys
(03-31-2020, 08:22 AM)Cassandra Wrote: Hey GG - What is a "ascension theme"?

The “good” or chosen ones ascending into heaven. The Rapture.
ThePaladin - mucho thank you's!

GG - thinking same, just wanted confirmation.

I really really don't want to be here when "you know who" comes to power. However I do feel I need to stay, so I can be of some use/help. One fact I'm certain of, I will not willfully get tattooed or implanted with anything. It will be a time that grieves my Spirit just to think about it.
I posted the dream on another website, Someone responded saying, this is the Jewish Year of the Open Mouth and she thought about the dream I posted.

This article was written Sept 2, 2019.

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