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Dream of Israeli PM Netanyahu and President Trump
Found myself walking on a sidewalk and see a building ahead I know to be a Synagogue. Think to myself, while I’m here I may as well attend a service. This will be my first service so what better place than Jerusalem to attend. As I get closer to the Synagogue, I see PM Netanyahu walk into the building. Thought, oh this will be good! I’m not supposed to be here in Israel, so I can't been seen. Will need to find a seat away from main sitting area. Walked into the Synagogue and immediately walk to my left into a long narrow room. Looks like an overflow area for when the main area doesn’t have any seats available.  I take the first place open and sit. I’m looking out into the main seating area.

I see PM Netanyahu walk by carrying a life size cutout of President Trump. He is smiling, walking toward the front and he stands the cutout in the front area next to where he will be speaking. Look to my left and see two women sitting a couple feet away from me. I ask them, did you see what he was carrying? The two women scrunched up their noses and frowned. I said, don’t you think it’s good that PM Netanyahu will pray for President Trump? One woman said, how do you know he wants to pray for him? I said, why else would PM Netanyahu put the cutout up there while he leads the services? Of course, he is going to pray for him. 

Afterthoughts: None. It is what it is.
Maybe Israel creates or uses a look-alike of Trump for some big game-changing event?
We'll have to wait and see, won't we. I've never been to Israel and would love to go there.

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