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Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton
I had this dream around 5/6/2020. I can't remember all of it, but the part I DO remember involved my daughter. She was a few years older than she is now, maybe in her early teens or so. I was homeschooling, but she had made some friends who had given her tickets to a special event in their school. She asked me if she could go, and I saw no reason why she shouldn't and allowed it. I was folding laundry later with the television on and I guess the event started playing on the news. I thought to myself "Neat! Now I can see it too!" To my surprise Bill Gates himself was giving a lecture at the school. I thought that was a bit odd, but ok. I don't remember what the lecture was about, I was only half listening as I do when I'm working on other things. At the end of his lecture, he had a Q&A segment and I looked up JUST in time to see my daughter with her hand up being called out by Bill Gates. I can't quite remember how she worded her question, but she more or less asked "Who is telling you things?". I *think* she was asking him who had taught him stuff, but the question was worded in a really ambiguous way. Anyway, Bill Gates didn't answer her, instead he gave her what I can only describe as the death stare. What I mean by that is that his face dropped and he glared at her like he wanted to kill her for several seconds that felt like hours and I felt such a chill and bad feeling I jumped up, grabbed my bf and ran to the car to book it to that event.

When I got there, the event had already ended and people were pouring out of a really big building. It was hard to find a place to park since it was packed and I finally decided that maybe I should just park on the side of the building that was pretty empty. I got out with my bf and we started speed walking towards the mega-crowd... but as we walked, I saw Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton shaking hands and laughing. I didn't think much about it until they both stopped and glared at us and I felt like I had seen something I wasn't supposed to, so I nudged my bf and told him not to look over there under any circumstances and we just kinda jogged with our eyes down until we made it to the sea of people. Once there, I looked all over for my daughter. After quite a bit of looking I found her with her friends and told her we had to leave right away. She said goodbye and I grabbed her hand and started dragging her around the other side of the building, but we got there just in time to see Bill Gates confront some guys. There were 3 or 4 of them and most of them were black. These guys weren't average guys, they were a little group of geniuses. Bill was acting nice and laughing with them. I couldn't hear what was said, then he waved goodbye to them and started walking away when this long black car drove up behind them and snatched them all into the vehicle before speeding off. My eyes, unfortunately met Bill's and he stopped and looked at me in a way that made me so uncomfortable. I wanted to RUN, but I felt that would make things worse so I just kept walking forward and he stopped me and asked if I had seen anything. I said "Yeah! I saw your lecture on tv earlier it was amazing!" He gave me a weird look and asked if I had seen anything else. I said "Not anything out of the ordinary, but then again, my eye sight hasn't been so great these past few years, maybe I should have brought my glasses with me. Hehe." He eyed Lily a bit then gave us a semi-dirty look and walked past us and all I could think was "Oh God, we are all gonna die!"

I ran around to the back of the building thinking that this day couldn't POSSIBLY get worse. I found my boyfriend standing by our car waiting and made a run for it, but before we could get into the vehicle, Hillary Clinton stopped us and asked how we enjoyed the event. She had several HUGE body guards with her in black suits and black shades. By this point I was just screaming on the inside but trying to hold it together even thought she made an exaggerated effort to seem nice. I told her that the event was wonderful and that it was such a good thing for the children to have such important people come down to talk to them directly and that it was amazing that they were willing and able to take time out of their very busy schedules to do that for them. She gave me a half smile and asked if I had seen anything "interesting" during the event. I said that I hadn't but could tell right away that she didn't want to hear that and was getting angry, so I said that I did see her and Bill Gates chatting and that I thought it was so awesome to see them hanging out together like friends. I said it made them more relatable and reminded people like me that they were just people too.

She gave a slight chuckle and asked if we wanted a lollipop. Me, my bf, and daughter just looked at each other. "Sure, I guess?" Then she motioned over to one of the body guards who handed us each a lollipop. She just kind of stared at us for a minute until we each unwrapped and awkwardly put the lollipops in our mouths, then she smiled as she turned and walked away saying "I hope you don't get food poisoning" ... in a really menacing tone that made my hair stand on end. We all got in the car and when she had walked far enough away we spit the lollipops into a cup holder in the car and cleaned our mouths out with tissue. I told my bf to drive like the wind back home because we were moving. I felt like we were gonna vanish off the face of the earth if we didn't. When we got home, I told my daughter to get inside and start packing her clothes and important things and to tell her brothers to as well. She and my bf were surprised I didn't want to stay and pack too. I decided I wanted to do something else.

After we dropped my daughter off, my bf and I drove to some other place. It was hidden but I felt like I knew instinctively how to get there. I have no idea how he and I got in. There were no doors or windows once we were inside. There was a bed with only a mattress (No bedding) and a large bathtub in a smaller room with no door. In the middle of the floor was a small 2-3 gallon bucket with a note on it. I forgot what the note said, but I remember it being weird as if someone knew we were coming right when we were and left it there for us. The bucket was full of a sort of body balm or lotion with lots of flower petals in it. I think we had made it ourselves at an earlier date. It was to be used in some kind of ritual, but I can't remember how it was supposed to go. We were supposed to anoint each other with it in some way and then we were going to go hunt those people who were now hunting us. After the little ritual, we were magically back outside. I felt like there was a good chance I was gonna die, but it wasn't set in stone just yet. I didn't feel afraid anymore, I felt strong.

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