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Tell me I'm being emotional
The reason I am bring this up here is, most Dreamers and Seer's are logical people.

Started reading the following article this morning. When reading the 5th paragraph (see excerpt below), I'm getting, yes yep that's right. Am I just being emotional right now?

Excerpt: The phrase that best describes this overall process is, “psychological and linguistic disarmament.” We have been intellectually disarmed and now the process has advanced from the realm of ideas to street violence. If the process is allowed to continue, Americans of all races and beliefs will be slaughtered when the foreign enemy moves his missiles, armies and fleets into action. At present, our economy is under attack on a number of fronts. Law and order is being stripped from us. First, the police will be defunded; second, the Revolution will defund the U.S. military; third, the Chinese and Russians will bomb and invade the country.
Okay, as soon as I saw the pejorative term "leftist" I stopped reading. I knew from there on out, it would be blather based on nothing more than "OH NOEZ! Things are changing and 'my' side might not have power any more!" There's pearl clutching and flopping on a fainting couch to follow.

Yes, things are getting bad but they've been getting bad for almost 50 years. Our country has shifted from being able to plan and see things long term to being all about short term gains with no eye to how what we do in the world is going to affect us in the long term. There has been a shift from taking responsibility for our own lives and understanding that sacrifices must be made individually to everyone has been encouraged to develop an entitlement mentality and think that their wants and needs are more important than anyone else's. Then, when they don't get what they want and no one takes care of them, they're the victims.

Don't get me started on the damage Citizens' United caused to this country and what a disaster Ronald Reagan was as a president. Both are responsible for a lot of what has caused this country to reach this point Angry

Just like in a disease process, if the disease is treated early, it is dealt with the least amount of upheaval possible, the changes that needed to be made could have been dealt with a small amount of upheaval. But also just like in a disease process, if the disease is allowed time to grow and fester, then treatment will be difficult and unpleasant. It will be painful.

This country had the opportunity to get back on the right track with Watergate. It would have required taking risks and making sacrifices that our leadership nor the citizens were prepared to make. Instead, the country simply kept kicking the can down the road and pretending things weren't getting worse and the can kept getting bigger and bigger until we have reached this point. Now we're at the stage that those who are entrenched in power have abrogated their responsibilities to the citizens for no other reasons than money and power, screw the citizens, and there are citizens who are terrified at the thought that they might have to share whatever power they may have with other citizens. Oh, and let's not forget the corporations which are in it solely for the money.

But the population didn't take those steps. If anything, we went in the other direction. And now...Now we're at a point that the can is too big to keep kicking down the road. No amount of pretending the can doesn't exist or that it's possible to shrink the can is going to change things. We're on an irrevocable path now and it will continue for at least another three to five years before everything shakes out.

Are you being emotional? Yeah, if you keep reading crap like this fear-mongering keyboard commando has written, blaming everything wrong on everyone else who doesn't believe as they do, insisting that the only way forward is to keep looking backwards and expecting salvation to occur if only THOSE PEOPLE were dealt with once and for all.

I have no use for anyone who operates from an "us vs. them" mindset.

Put down the paper. Turn off the TV and the computer. Use the time we have right now-and it's getting shorter by the minute-to get yourself and your family as squared away as you possibly can. Batten down all the hatches you can before the end of summer. Because we haven't seen how bad it's going to get yet(And I've been Seeing what's coming for over a decade) and the best way to make it to the other side is to stop denying that the shit is about to hit the fan and there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it now.

We, the people, are going to reap what this country has sown for decades and we are all going to be affected. It won't matter what your political, personal, social, or religious beliefs might be, we are all going to be affected. It's up to us to take action instead of wishfully hoping someone else will do it for us if we're going to make it out of this in one piece.

Me? I'm getting my family squared away in every way I can. Hope to see you on the flip side.
Happy I was able to assist. Thanks for your input. Smile

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