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Dinner with Trump
Wierd dream last night.  I was at a dinner with the Trumps and a few other guests.  Trump kept getting up to do other things, so no dinner conversation with him.  What was concerning was one of the dinner guests - a man who had just given his daughter a mixture of substances or poisons, resulting in a coma.  I wanted to get her to a hospital for treatment.  He showed me a printed sheet of substances he had given her.  They were abbreviations, like elements in the periodic table.  I did not recognize the abbreviations as any common chemicals.  I could see that he had given her logarithmic doses, high doses, enough to cause neurological damage.  I did finally get downstairs and outside, looking for a hospital or emergency room.  I could see that I was in New York City, so it seems the dinner party was in Trump Tower.

After the dream, I looked at a Periodic Table of Elements to see if I could recognize any of the abbreviations.  Maybe Sr or Strontium.  But then I searched for other poisons.  The abbreviations may have been for poisons (e.g., Ricin) or poisonous homeopathic mother tinctures (e.g., Arsenic), rather than elements of Periodic Table per se.  

Trump has always been afraid of being poisoned.  This dream showed me that it is possible for an assassin to get close to him with poisons causing neurological damage.

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