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Fiery destruction
This dream is not as clear as I prefer to post but it seems important to post. In the dream I see two friends, JTM and JT.  The main thing here is that I see an area that has had fire and destruction. I see a building that has been reduced to pieces of rubble. Also behind us I see many small fires as though they have been burning for awhile and still could flare up again. It seems dark like I am watching the fires at nighttime.  I remember seeing JTM down on a ledge or a sizable piece of one of the buildings.  I help her get up on firm ground and off of the debris.  In my mind I think how this is in Wilmington, NC.  ( I continue to dream of natural disaster and destruction in this city.)  Partly what I find interesting here is that both people JT and JTM were in my earlier dream that I posted here a year ago named "Stadium Collapse."  Both also have close ties to Richmond, Virginia.
I still believe that the 'Stadium Collapse' dream is connected with the shut down of all major sports because of Covid-19. But there is much unrest and tension in the city of Richmond at this time so this dream may be connected to that. The destruction I saw would have to come from a bomb or earthquake. 
Regardless.....let's pray for a healed and loving world.  
Quick follow up.  Though it is not the same dream that I posted, it is interesting that there was an earthquake in Alaska approximately 24 hours after I experienced my dream of damage that could have been the result of an earthquake. The Alaskan earthquake occurred about 2 hours and ten minutes after I completed my posting. There was no destruction like I saw in my dream.  But it was a strong powerful 7.8 earthquake.  It occurred off of Alaska's southern coast.  There was a small tsunami and strong shaking was felt 500 miles away.  So far there have been more than a dozen aftershocks.
There was also a 6.2 mg earthquake in China about 800 miles from three gorges dam today also and moderate quake 5.4 near Vancouver island afterward the Alaskan quake. I think maybe we will se a big quake on west coast USA in the fall or in Febuary. I had a Febuary 5th date come up in a dream but nothing specific about it, however.
Ridley, thanks for sharing. Interesting that you associate the stadium collapse dream with Covid. That totally fits!

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