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Game Over - Happy
So early into my nights sleep (an hour)

Was dreaming about how things were difficult not going right and then I just let go. There was a raft we were all clinging to and the gathering of refugees (maybe). But we were struggling to get by and (something like this happened before cant remember exactly how I learned the lesson). But I got on a raft with two others and we all did not fit, but I said, well and something took care of me, lifted me up for my giving and gave me a spot for others to rest in the raft. We floated back across the intersection and something came on and said gave over....

We were ashore and saw some friends and as we were hungry they told us to take there spots and eat at a swanky looking place. we walked in and took ones persons (who didn't make it) place and two other uneaten settings appeared.

Someone wins a puppy through their selfless act

Jump to another scene and one individual leaves the band to go help elsewhere. He is off and somehow gets awarded a recording contract... comes home to do the recording and everyone is so excited in his bannd for him as he is signing in his van... but as opposed to everyone acting in their self interest they are helping others and thus it is returned to them.

I was recently read a course in miracles... but I do not think on this topic tonight. But it was a lovely dream so I wanted to Share
Ejoyed reading your dream, thank you.
You are Welcome... When I joined up here, long ago The paradigm three was going (I was in a bad place in life... much better place today) and one thing we discussed trying to bring forth was a governmental disclosure (UFO, energy technologies, other things...). Wasn't in the right frame of mind to participate back then. Now I am, but trying to find prayer groups or something to join in to help bring that forth.

Anyway dont know if/what is going on with this site.

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