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Violent Winds
Earlier this week I had a disturbing dream, although I don't remember too much of it; here are the highlights.

I was driving and anxious to get to my destination, perhaps home, or perhaps just to get out of the weather. Others also seemed anxious and were driving fast. Winds were picking up and beginning to push the car a bit. Debris was being carried in the wind and visibility was diminishing. All I could see was a couple cars ahead and the lane over, and the debris blowing around. Very strong increasingly violent winds. Cars were getting pushed around, some began to tumble. I could feel my anxiety building, I just wanted to get out of there. I drove around cars as they tumbled in front of me, and I could see injured people. I was thinking this was so unlike me to not stop and help, but I drove around the injured or even dead people and overturned cars, in a hurry to get out.

This did not seem like a tornado to me. There wasn't rain with the wind, so I'm not sure if it was a hurricane. I don't recall thinking it was either a tornado or hurricane in the dream. Just some very unusual occurrence.
Hurricane Ida, perhaps?

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