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A couple of Worthy mentions...
A couple of dreams of worth from the last few months...

1. Air-raid Siren, cosmic event maybe or War obviously.

2. Boris Johnson leaves office 1 year early and his replacement wins another 4-year term 1 year later at the general election.

A quiet time really, I've been dealing with the loss of one of my dearest friends, my Boy Mowgli... one of my cats and then followed a week later rescuing another cat only to have it die in my arms, a very sad year for me personally.

Like I said I will post those of worth but I suggest everyone spend time with loved ones as I'm truly not sure, other than the description, "Doomsday" what the summer of 2024 holds.
Thank you for the info. Sorry to hear of your loss.
Thanks, DreamerOracle!

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