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Armageddon Virus
"Zam Wesell
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Last night, I had an awful, crazy dream. I remember something being said about an Armageddon virus that caught like wildfire globally. Sure, it's probably just residual crap about wuflu and how we've responded to the upheavals.
I did a search for giggles for Armageddon Virus, and I kid you not, this is what I found online. Is it a good info source? Most likely not, but how weird is it that I dream it, and find it? Original date is January 2012, but the online link is dated October 2021, no less."

In this dream, whatever this was decimated wold pop and the survivors developed natural immunity. It was definitely hereditary, such that you've have pockets of blood related families survive and their spouses or SO die. It was ugly and frightening. But as I stated above in the FB posting, this simply could be residual reflections of the "pandemic" that was foisted on global pop and gov reactions. Still, it is very odd to find out that this IS a real virus. I had no knowledge of it until afte the dream and I did a search on it.
I had Armageddon type dream a couple nights ago. I've not decided yet if it's a precog dream or I'm picking up on public tension ref the current virus.
Persons with type o blood so far haven't had as many problems with the Covid vaccines.

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