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Precognitive dreams throughout my life
First of all I came here looking for others to talk to who have had dreams that come true. I am not looking for interpretations of my dreams, I recently turned 65 yrs. The clock is ticking and I have become a loner for the last 21 years because of my dreams. I have no more family or friends and it does get to me. I am going to list some of the dreams that have come true by the next day. If you have never experienced these kind of dreams, you have no idea what this experience is like. These are different than normal dreams, the details have stayed with me for years. Mine started when I was about 12 years old. At that age I used to raise pigeons and hawks keeping them separate from each other. One night as I slept I had a dream that a cat or animal got inside my pigeon pen and killed all of them. In the dream I saw all the body parts lying on the ground exactly as they were left. I had at least 20 pigeons young and old. I still remember it vividly. I woke up around 6 am which I always went out to feed them at that time. The dream was still bothering me as I loaded up feed to bring them. As I rounded  the corner of the house to the back yard I saw all the birds scattered through the pen on the ground. Every wing, head, body and other parts exactly as was in the dream. Some people have said I must have heard it happening while sleeping. It was to far way to have heard it and most of all pigeons don't scream! That's a fact!  Years later when I was seventeen attending high school I also had to travel to a vocational school in the afternoon. It was winter time but most of the roads were clear. One night I while trying to sleep my father and brother were listening to a show called Night Gallery called the tune in Dan's Cafe. I kept hearing a song over and over keeping me from sleeping. I got up and complained to turn it down so I could sleep. They were both asleep in their chairs so I turned down the volume. While trying to sleep I had my am radio on listing when the dj played the same song I just heard on the TV. After the song he announced the song called if you leave me tonight, and that it had just played on Night Gallery. It gave me the creeps but I fell asleep. Then I had a dream that I was driving my father's jeep to school and rolled it in the middle of a road and crashed. When I woke up I knew the type of dream, so I made sure to drive his car instead. A buddy of mine always car pooled with me and I told him about the dream. He laughed it off and said good thing we are taking the car. By noon I would drive to the tech school. As I got to the car my father showed up with the jeep. He said he needed the car I would have to take the jeep. I tried to talk him out of it but he was in a hurry handed me the keys and left. I headed out came to a hill hit ice and rolled and crashed the jeep. When we got out my buddy was running around screaming that I was possessed. His friends pulled up to help us and we pushed it back onto the wheels as it ended on its side so it was able to be pushed back onto the wheels. Then my friend ran to his friend and told them about my dream. They all got into their can and left me to find by myself. At school no one would have anything to do with me until I graduated. I then became a loner and also didn't want anything to do with anyone. Throughout my life I've had many more dreams that always came true by the next day. Sometimes I would just see an image or hear a voice of what someone was going to say. When I knew it was that situation i would say the exact words as they were saying it. Most didn't like it and asked how I knew what they were going to say. 
These are only a few of the instances, there are so many more. If you haven't experienced this you have no room for criticism. Just because you didn't experience this doesn't mean I didnt. I know that I can't change the outcome, I've tried, but I do know the thoughts and dreams. I have told others and they only stair in disbelief afterward. Like I said I'm now 65 and need to talk to others someway some how. It's extremely hard to sleep anymore and giving me a bad adittude and short temper. I'm a good listener if someone else has any of these experiences and would like to talk and say more than a few words. I would appreciate hearing from someone else.
What came to me was a movie, Witness of Another World, where a young man had an extraordinary close encounter with a UFO.  The experience was so intense it set him apart from his society, and he was a loner for many years.  The movie is about his healing - the director helps him find other humans with similar experiences and abilities. 

It is available on

I am a parapsychologist, as well as an anatomist and biologist.  There are people like you out there.  There are groups like The Rhine Center and IONS and Society for Psychical Research and International Remote Viewing Association and Public Parapsychology and other parapsychology groups.  Start searching!  You are not alone!
Very well said, Maat!!

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