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Begin culling the herd
Last night I was woken up at 2am EDT by a man saying, "Begin culling the herd".  His voice had no warmth in it.

I was quite alarmed by this, and immediately thought of WW3 and mass casualties.  A couple of months ago, I felt such generalized anxiety that I asked inwardly, what was coming?  I immediately saw the word, "Blackout".

On a more pleasant note, I recently dreamed of working with a man at a large water reservoir.  We checked to see that the large drains were open, to keep the water from becoming too high.  As we were swimming back to shore, I made sure not to open my mouth, as the water seemed to have a greasy film or residue in it.  

When I woke, I felt like an "essential worker" on the emotional plane, helping to release heavy emotions.

Another dream snippet, I saw a long line of UHaul trucks driving down a farm road (corn and soybean fields in the Midwest), as everyone wanted to move to a rural area.

Yesterday, as I was talking to my aunt on the phone, I mentioned that people need to start stocking up on canned goods, and she remembered how the family kept a large pantry of canned goods in the basement during WW2.
So my dream last night was that people from previously in my life were back here on the farm. It was not the same house more of a lodge it seemed (but I am trying to make it that). I offered breakfast to those staying here…. They took over the cooking and I went outside as it seemed crowded inside (people fleeing and finding safe haven?). As I was walking the dogs were playing and it was really pleasant and slow. Some hay was cut, might be I was completely elsewhere in a new community.

I seemed very happy, yet alone with all these strangers, sharing a life I have chosen and maybe one that was forced on them.

On my walk I was by the creek, it was a little fuller and more wooded that I recall previously (so maybe I did move but people from history and locals are here). Anyway at the creek I saw what I thought were crawdads and was like wow those are lobsters…. I was delighted to see them. One at first and then a second. Call for others to come see and while in the creek, it seemed as though the creek flowed back into the center of the earth. The lobsters were gone and some creature was in the creek and I kicked something too it and it ate it.

Someone asked if they could buy some diesel from me as I have stocked up on it for my tractors. I asked why and it was for the tractor to help plant (I think) as the couple I recall is vegetarian and we’re just happ to eat.


On your notes, I try and root cellar produce every year still have too many onions left. A few potatoes and need to do a better job this summer and maybe I will not be distracted and build my garden boxes. Wish another were here to help.

Oh and a large bag of beans, rice oats and other dry goods if you have access to water (which living in a city is mildly insane today, imo)
Hello Maat - I visit the forum occasionally to read what is posted. My dream draught is still occurring & don't remember much, if anything. This past week, Saturday morning, I did have a vision as I was waking. It could mean something personal or global, not sure. At this time, I am emotonally numb and really don't care much about anything. I may just be picking up on the general population thoughts. I saw the following words in 3 rows:

The end is near
The end is near
The end is near
Hi Sunatta, sounds like you are in a good spot. Wish I could say the same! 

Hi Cassandra-
I wonder if the decrease in dreams on this site is partly due to the increase in WiFi?  I used to have so many dreams years ago. Humans may be more sensitive to radiowaves and microwaves than we know.   

The times are very scary.  But I keep getting morning messages to stay positive.  I had another dream which seemed like an image from Dmitri Duduman, Through the Fire Burning.  I was in a skyscraper burning, like 9/11, and I fell through the fire unscathed, down all the floors.  I found myself at the bottom and then walked out through an underground, catacomb-like area, which opened out onto a park along a large lake, like Lake Michigan.  The burning skyscraper looked like the Tower in the Tarot deck.  And the park next to the Lake was beautiful and serene.  I wondered if I had died or gone through an extreme transformation?

Looking through my old dream journals today, I was shocked to find a second dream with a smoky, burning red sky, similar to the Fire in the Sky I posted previously on this website.  I have since learned about the Red Sky prophecy from Tom Brown's book, The Quest.  Grandfather, Brown's Lian Apache guide, tells him that a single human can save the planet with their thoughts, because we are like a giant flock of birds, flying as one, and a nudge from one can turn the whole flock.
Maat - I've missed reading your writings. "Extreme transformation" popped out to me when I read your reply.

PS. This morning another vision: 1 in 300 will be affected.
Maat, everything is mental. We are in a dream in essence.

Staying positive is critical, even when I see bad things, I try to focus on the positive that is within. That the elite are pushing an agenda for whatever reason. My thoughts have been the people are awakening and seeing the hypocrisy. The trucker protest in Canada which was peaceful, excluding the government reactions. The seizing of bank accounts caused an international reaction of pulling funds from the safe haven and exposed how dictatorial they are.

The media, bought and paid for by The gubamint, media and tech giants only allow one message to be conveyed. The protestors are bad and violent, which from on the ground reports is absolutely false.

The end being near, imo, stems from the true meaning of apokolypsus… a lifting of the veil, and the elites plans are being exposed. The system is going to need a fundamental overhaul and a return to rural communities and lifestyles.

In paradigm two we were trying to manifest things and part was a lifting of the veil and allowing sir pressed knowledge released.

So to Cassandras comment, the end is near… the end of what? Secrecy, the with holding of knowledge that can truly make a heaven on earth or what.

Everything is of the mind of God, even us. How do we maintain our focus on the positive outcomes. The media and crap on TV is there to distract us, imo. And 1 in 300 being effected, that’s a small percentage and maybe the percent of people who are following marching orders of an elite who believe they are granted dominion over the earth.
Thank you Sunatta! I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Lifting of the veil would be a welcome event.
You are welcome… saw last weeks dreamboat run today, and wonder why we don’t all focus on the positive? How do we come together with a shared simple vision?

I was in a bad spot when paradigm two was happening… but we had the idea of the veil (apokolypsus) being pulled back. On free energy, government secrecy, and…. Today I’d add that the corrupt are brought to justice. At this point in time it (“reality”) somewhat feels like MY lucid dream and I need to dream it through love and positivity. Always thought I needed others, maybe I don’t…. My son told me that I was the only one that needs to wake up, maybe he was right if it was my dream.

Told my father we were going to see green deserts this year, and a week or so later there were lilies blooming in a desert somewhere(thousands of them).

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