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So many dreams

First had day residue.

The second was on the coast looking for whales. There was a plane off in the distance that was like a 747 but on the water.  They had been looking at what we thought were whales. We drove to get closer and parked next to the water on a spot we might see them better. We saw them off in the distance and were excited…. I tried to mentally call them in and they came to almost the edge of the shore or pier more so. The pod swam by bobbing up and down. It was cool and excited us all. They can back and one individual standing so close to the edge, got splashed and fell in the water. I woke up laughing.

The next dream

Had my family in it, very extended family also. Had a nice breakfast, and we’re headed to a lake to waterski. My uncle, much larger than anyone else, got drunk. He stated he was going to get salt Peter shells that could be lethal to deal with any who challenged his ideas. I said I had locked up all my guns. He scoffed and said really and pointed at these. I then went and placed my weight upon him to restrain him a bit. Soon much family was starting to do the same and he was being controlled. The dream ended.

Is my uncle representative of Uncle Sam?

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