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Prediction Gold coin theft 7/4/22

I am sitting in a large entrance hall in a big building in a downtown area not sure what city or state, this entrance hall to this building is all marble with gold trim. I am led up a small flight of stairs and there's a Wing off to the left with tables and lounge chairs and couches and there is another couple sitting there waiting to speak to an insurance person regarding their assets being insured. I have brought with me for new coins that I plan on adding to my coin storage and I asked you have the rest of my coins brought out so that I could see them and put the new coins with them.

An employee for this brokerage house /gold asset storage company starts moving my gold pieces around on the table and I noticed that some of the pieces seem to be more worn and tattered in are no longer gold there now almost like a rainbowish metal color because the gold plating is wearing off on them and all of my gold pieces are no longer in the pile instead he's done a big switch where he's taking my gold coins and left these other coins have a triangle on them with leaves around the triangle.

Then I told him these are not the quality of my coins that I brought and I wanted to have my coins brought back out and he got upset and he huffed off in the back and then I hear a lady talking to a supervisor saying that he had just left the building nobody knows where he was going or why. I call my boyfriend to ask him if I should call the police and explain to him what has happened and at that point I woke up.

Time frame 2022 or 2024
Future failures/collapse
Guide is back - My
thought: I'm listening you have my attention.
Guide plays "magic" song olivia newton john.
Typo, the frame 2023/2024

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