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Family riffs 7/6/22 8:55am
Traveling for a holiday or event, trying to visit everyone. I made three stops, around the mountain. Each stop made me think hard of the people and situations I was hearing. None of it seemed important to me or resonated, just listened. Some how I was now apart of the drama or issue even without saying a word. I felt a level of frustration with each stop.

Two regular topics that came up where gas prices and relationship trust issues. No one it seemed knew how to communicate any more. There was lots of shouting.

When I left I came back to my sense of self and felt peace.

(I woke up from the dream and tried to remember the very beginning of the dream and could not remember the beginning of the dream, I fell back to sleep and continued the dream)

I felt like everyone was watching to see what I was going to say or do and even if I said and did nothing people still jump to conclusions or they perceived me as saying or doing something, taking one person's side over another, etc. Etc.

Mental note: I believe this is purely personal and not precognitive. I have a family reunion coming up towards the end of July and this could all be worried about riffs and family visits.

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