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The system & land dispute
Dream: 7/13/22 The system System & Land dispute

I had a daughter and she was being molested and I took her to the authorities to be examined like a hospital and they're like you are aware that we now have to do a 6-month contract and it was child protective services and they were intending on taking my child since she had already been molested, she was the perfect one to go into the system to repeatedly be molested.

The dream ends I have a giant remote in my hand and I click the power button I get a flash of the hydron collider in Switzerland. I see the date Year 2013.

I hear my own voice say to me in the dream as I'm lucid level 2 second dream of the night. As if it's being narrated to me.

Second dream starts off with me buying a piece of property and I believe it is a vacant lot between two houses in a developed community. Turns out that the woman in the house to the right has built an illegal swimming pool that the HOA does not know about and now I'm in illegal battle with her over the property because I want to take out the pool so I find a way around it and the power is on my property and so I shut off her power so that I can start construction and I can put in a guest house according to the rules of the HOA and I can charge her and absorb it amount of money she gets pissed off and ends up so putting her house up for sale so I buy her house for pennies on the dollar cuz it has no power.

The dream ends and once again I have a giant remote click the power button and once again see the hydron collider in Switzerland. This time the day year is changed to 2022.

Once again I hear the voice narrate level 3 dream 3.

Before I can begin level 3
dream my partner lights incense while I'm sleeping so that he can meditate and I get woken up.

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