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Haunted 7/28/2022 3:33am
I am walking through an abandoned building, it looks kind of like a hospital. I am holding on to my cat and my cat gets really freaked out by this new room we go into and I realize that he can see something that I cannot see. He doesn't want to go in there and he squirms loose from my arms and runs out the door.

I feel myself levitating and it's not a fun feeling. the next thing I know something is trying to throw me against the wall. I put my arms out to stop my face from hitting the wall. I forced myself awake inside of the dream. (I am now lucid dreaming)

 I realized that I could not physically scream so I grabbed a hold of my own throat and I forced myself to scream out loud, which woke up my partner laying next to me, he in turn woke me up by shaking me.

I began laughing upon waking because my muffled screams kept going high and low in my struggle to wake myself up. Then I feel back to sleep.

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