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Prediction Ark in the desert
8/17/22 8:59am

I have followed the instructions of my boyfriend to  move out to a desert. (in the dream he is my current boyfriend, however in real life he is somebody who I used to currently my ex-boyfriend and then the dream he had)

I have a bunch of livestock with me but they're unusual livestock. I have rabbits, squirrels, Chipmunks, and other small furry animals.

In the dream we become flooded so we pack everything up into the old white pickup truck and we start driving the truck across the desert but the truck runs out of gas.

We get out of the truck and I am absolutely desperate to save all of these little critters and I step up onto a raised area of the valley and I see what looks like a roof structure for a giant outdoor event, it's very reminiscent of an open air arena for horses but it is all made out of a thick heavy wood that's at least 12 in x 12 in wide per beam.

I start walking toward the structure but my boyfriend tells me that I shouldn't go over there, I don't listen to him cuz obviously he's giving me bad advice so far. 

so when I get over to this giant outdoor structure it turns out to be a giant Ark, the man who has built the ark is very nice, we talk for a moment then I asked him why did you build the ark out here in the desert.

He says to me "the places that have water will be dry and the places that are dry will have water." I told him that I've known this from a previous dream and he said "then you were sent here for a purpose." The whole time that I was looking at my boyfriend as being an idiot it turns out was the universes well to put me on the right path to meet this man. 

He agrees to allow me to bring all of my critters on board his ark and to go with him on this Ark.

I go back and I tell my boyfriend all that has happened and he decides not to get on the ark with this man ark with this man. 

My decision is very clear and I leave him to get on the ark to save myself and to save the critters of the Earth earth.

I load all of my animals onto the ark and I am sitting on the top deck when suddenly a monsoon comes and I can feel everything starting to rock and sway as the water starts to lift up this very very heavy boat.

It gives a quick jolt to one side and I wake up quickly.
I woke up alone and the cat was asleep next to me so I don't know what jerked me awake.

Animals rescued from homeless encampment in the dessert from monsoon rains.

1. News was the same day as dream
2. Animals are different (small dogs & cats)
3. Location correct dessert
4. Monsoon correct
5. Ark/sanctuary (name of rescue)
Thank you!

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