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So I and a friend were in a city, maybe Boulder. Maybe it’s day residue….

It has been a LONG time since I’ve had this style of dream. I recently bought a cross necklace and am wearing it (getting the chills thinking and pondering this.

In the dream I was in a very crowded situation, I facing two others on the double decker like bus. I had etched crosses on my palms and kept my hands on the ministers knees (not sure he was a minister). At the point of realization that I had now etched this on my hands, and had been resting the on the others knees for so long he got very disturbed. I was alone with them. At the time, we passed a building with observers clad in devil like attire.

I got off was followed into an alley and something attacked. I think my spirit guide showed up as they were fighting on the ground air and all over. We escaped and passed a line of people that appeared that were headless. Then a lines of vallkries (women knights woke to dispatch them and I woke. Very disturbing. But I used to have dreams somewhat similar, where I was the only one fighting usually. I would see what was happening, and never had help show up. This time it did and seemed that good was to prevail.

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