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Prediction Delmar street/ plane crash into city
This dream occurred on December 29, 2023. It felt important and possibly with precognitive elements.  In this dream, I have received an invitation to dinner from a friend of mine.  I am on my way to his home. It is on Delmar Street. I am expected at 7:30. In my mind I know just where he resides though I have never been to his home. But I am wrong, because I do not know where I am going. At one point, I see a young woman, a nurse. She tells me to tell my friend that he has an appointment for a scan at 6:30. I promise to tell him. She gives me directions to Delmar Street. I am running late. It seems to be a sunny warm evening. Possibly a summer or spring night in the southern coastal USA. I grow more frustrated for being late and lost.  I am going through neighborhoods that have old houses that stand close to each other. Some have been restored and others need to be. Now I find myself standing on a street looking toward the downtown area. A teen girl is also there standing nearby. We hear a noise overhead and look up to see a large gray airplane, possibly military, flying low. The plane begins to twist and wobble in the air. Then it crashes and falls in to the town. It is a large fiery crash. ***Then the plane begins to transform into a figure of a man. See the large head of this man begin to emerge, arise from the flames. It is very real and scary.*** But then I keep looking for Delmar Street and my friend.  I see a young man and I ask him.  He tells me that I am 3 large blocks away. This man is a developer, buys properties, similar work as my friend. Then I see my friend walking toward me.
Some notes and thoughts : I am not familiar with any Delmar Street. I did look online and there are several streets with that name in several states in the USA. If this dream is about an actual plane crash it might be connected to a town that has a military base located nearby.  Thoughts of North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida seem  to have come to me while I was dreaming. The image of a large, possibly metal man emerging from the fire was disturbing. Of course Del Mar may not be the name of a street but something else such as a location, or a place such as Del Mar, California.

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