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10/27/14 Iced Sun + Testorone Boosted Humanity?
What we’ve demonstrated from previous runs is that % change from Yesterday (i.e., far right column) only really becomes predictive as a single word when the value exceeds about 2,500%. Plus, all the other manifestations, particularly the Canadian run tends to be LESS connected to “% from Yesterday” than the left column of numbers (% from Ave). Therefore, we’re going to be looking at the right column only for super-significant surging words, while sorting and grouping by the left column.

In plain English, we’ve now seen how comparisons to averages (all-time historical averages) TEND to be more predictive than short-term comparisons to yesterday. That being said, we have even more fine-tuned statistics that are being compiled right now that will help us hone the list even more.

For this run, I’m most worried about “ICE” and “COOL”, and how connected it is to the Sun. This matches the recent them with NATURE and NATURAL. We’ll be looking at this going forward. Plus, the concept of MACHO is clearly here. We have Daddy, Hulk, Hitting, and Bad. This might indicate a testosterone-boosted environment going forward, which directly matches with our November headlines just recently published.


Plain text
10/27/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

ice    203.7%    33.3%
daddy    201.0%    1050.0%
butterfly    129.7%    433.3%
involving    112.6%    122.2%
summary    108.6%    600.0%
meter    106.8%    1200.0%
hulk    103.2%    1200.0%
madness    94.6%    1100.0%
shocked    92.5%    91.7%
hitting    87.4%    57.1%
thanks    85.9%    333.3%
cage    83.0%    50.0%
bonus    78.6%    1200.0%
yeah    74.9%    55.0%
edit    73.7%    100.0%
sun    66.5%    43.2%
cool    65.8%    92.0%
exist    65.5%    116.7%
quick    65.5%    54.5%
yesterday    61.6%    60.0%
awesome    60.8%    130.0%
escape    55.5%    36.8%
four    55.0%    80.0%
bad    53.7%    75.0%
mostly    53.3%    57.9%
wind    50.8%    100.0%
The sun is 'being really cool' right now....

Sixth major solar flare from Region 2192 - X2.0 on October 27, 2014
Any way you try to fry that egg, that's the sun NOT being cool! Big Grin Cool
(10-27-2014, 08:04 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Any way you try to fry that egg, that's the sun NOT being cool! Big Grin Cool

Thought I'd take a stab at being positive. Didn't work.... Cry *LOL*
Okay, here's one for you....the firey sun blasts the Earth's geomagnetic field and takes down the whole earth's electrical grid. Poof goes the crony prison planet schema, and we start all over without the puppeteers in control. Painful, but at least we're free. Smile

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