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Dean's Trophy Case
08-25-2014, 11:03 PM (This post was last modified: 08-30-2014 08:37 PM by Eagle1.)

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The Validated Dreams of...Dean

Validated Precognition #1 for Dean

We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: quake on the 24th

Links for Documentation:

Dream Link (2014-07-27)

News Link (2014-08-24)

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)

WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- major moderately damaging quake 6.0 in Northwest California complete with fires and minor flooding. I thought the flooding may be due to cracked damn I was unsure, in reality it was broken water mains. NEWS: "which was flooded by pipes cracked during Sunday morning's 6.0 earthquake on the West Napa Fault." (

Note, according to Change 5 of the scoring, since earthquakes are dime a dozen in our world, we need another descriptor to grade. The next biggest descriptor is the flooding river in the dream that seems coincident with the earthquake. This flooding river is metaphoric for the news that depicted minor flooding in the San Fran DA's office (it has to be metaphoric since the real world flood wasn't due to rising river waters, but broken pipes.) Therefore, with the metaphor, we begin with a full 5.0, but then subtract for the metaphoric material. Normally, 0.5 points are deducted unless the dreamer identifies this metaphor in the writeup. Dean writes this at the end, "I am unsure if the Quake caused the flash flood in some way."

Here, Dean acknowledges that the earthquake may actually cause a flash flood, which is exactly what happened in Napa. Therefore, this is sufficient to fully connect this event with Dean's dream. 5 points, none taking off from the metaphor.

WHERE: 2 out of 5 -- Dreamer was near Portland; Earthquake happened in San Fran, CA. This distance is roughly 2 times the distance from N Oregon to S Oregon, which makes it a bigger distance than a typical state. Therefore, we default to the Country, which is 2 points.

WHEN: 5 out of 5 -- This dream took place on July 27th, and the Earthquake happened within a month's time, so 3 points. EXCEPT: this dreamer says this amazing statement: "As I said it was a hot summer day, it felt like a weekend and August 24th is a Sunday this year. Holy Cow! BULLSEYE!

Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5-2-5
- Great bullseye call on the flood and the date! Well done, Dean!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to

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08-30-2014, 07:59 PM  
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RE: The Validated Dreams of...Dean
My dream above was more directly fulfilled concerning the "flood" part, I saw a news story on Yahoo originally from KGO Channel 7 ABC San Francisco in which it told about local dry or very low streams in the quake epicenter area began immediately filling up like from a flash flood, it was thought it could be cracks in two nearby dams but it was not, crevices had opened in the ground and began pouring out water like new springs. I thought the "flood" part of my dream was fulfilled by the flooding from broken water mains but this story was even a more direct fulfillment because in my dream me and my dog were wading and jumping from rock to rock in a very low stream that all of a sudden began to fill into a rushing stream like a flash flood.

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