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10/30/14 NewSort: Space Continues! Transformation under attack
Have you seen the new amazing project that the DF team dreamed up? Clock starts now, so get your dream on!

Preamble (new beginnings)
Today starts our new linguistics sorting algorithms. Ultimately the goal is two-fold: 1) Correctly and reliably choose the words that will appear in the biggest headlines in the near future, and 2) correctly match up the words into groups, to where the groups (displayed in green squares) show up together in major headlines. Because of integrity issues (as well as other conceptual hypotheses, I cannot show numbers anymore. Instead, I will indicate the sorting algorithm that was used for each run, and it will be annotated before the analysis discussion begins (e.g. Sort 1.2.1).

The intention here is not to hide valuable information, but to preserve the integrity of the material. Unless something drastic happens one day, you can expect the same sorting protocol for several days in a row in order that we can at least compare algorthms. Clear as mud? Here we go…

Sort 1.1.1.
First off, if there are any red boxed words at the top, those indicate the old surge/alert criteria has been met. If you see the box without an official red alert declared, then you’ll know that not ALL criteria was met, and that this word is simply surging big time.

Green boxes are groupings…same as before. Ultimately, we’re trying to find an algorithm that will produce GREEN GROUPINGS that come true, instead of just individual words. This will take a lot of dedicated data gathering and tweaking.

Yellow boxes indicate NEW WATCH WORDS based on THIS particular Sort Algorithm. “DT” means Double Top, which in the past has demonstrated at least some predictive characteristics. “Lvl 1, 2, 3” indicate words that look very special based on either the amount of surge or some special characteristic of the chart. In general, Lvl 1 is the highest watch level. It means that according the current algorithms, these Lvl 1 words appear to be the highest probable words for predictive characteristics.

Again, it's important to remember that we are grading the SORT version primarily. In general, are the green groupings accurate together? Are the yellow watch words showing up in real life more than all the other words in the run?

Today’s Specific Analysis:
"Solar Max" amazingly turned up in this new sort algorithm....not a bad a start, heh? Hard to tell if “Traveling” is connected to Solar Max, but this whole run is heavily weighted in planetary memes (check out a level 3 word in Group 4 is Jupiter). There’s also “Alien” and “System” and “Relative” and “Distant” which all come on the heals of the supermeme Space/Spaceship.

Group 2 appears to be a false flag by the words, Guilty Bomb Rule and Rehearsal.

Group 3 could be significant because butterfly is now at a double top. Remember metaphors. Butterfly could mean transformation. The Transformation is hunted.

Group 4 Appears to be significant because we have two watch words and an overlap with yesterday’s HUGE run.


Plain Text version

' proud system distant drawing Jupiter '

Just In Time for Halloween: Jupiter Gets a Giant Cyclops Eye!
Dayum, pardon me, there it is! Just in time for election, a possible false flag warning. Yes, if those in power lose election they are not going to "take it", perhaps. Sorry if my saying that ruffles any feathers. It's gotta be said as we watch the linguistics for ahem, next week. (Though, if false flag is for this reason it could be done at anytime before a new bunch of elected are actually seated in Jan. Or, might a false flag be done before the election, to prevent one?)

Yep, this year is solar max of the 11yr. solar cycle, so....gonna make the news? Last week we had what, five? six? X-class flares? This run is so very realistic, ouch.

Transformation hunted plenty warning?! fundamental transformation" was proclaimed in '08, hmm. Hunted....maybe this is good news! maybe it means this type of transformation will be on the run, as it's evidence is sought-out to stop the subversion. (okay! if elders need to delete me for so much political talk, please! I have to speak from heart, but you do not have to leave it here, very sincerely and seriously said. okay?)
October 31 - Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave desert
dream overlap with solar max:
I'm putting this link here, although Butterfly actually started on the big mega-meme called SpaceShip. But I put this response here because it was the Double-Top (DT) on Butterfly that clued me into this story. The original and more accurate Butterfly lingo is here:

But the main DreamBlog with all the explanations is here:

Lastly, the attached pdf is a small snippet of my google search on November 2nd, 2014. The google search was simply "Butterfly" and then "News." I referred to this pdf in the DreamBlog entry.

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Brain manifests 33 days later:
Brains are big Texas news this week, also. Brains were missing from UT in Austin, but have been found in UTSA, the San Antonio branch of said university.

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