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Albelba's Trophy Case
08-24-2014, 09:12 PM (This post was last modified: 08-29-2014 11:13 PM by Eagle1.)

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The Validated Dreams of...Albelba

Validated Precognition #1 for Ablelba

We verified this precognitive dream which predicted: shooting of Brown in Ferguson

Links for Documentation:

Dream Link (2014-06-05)

News Link (2014-08-09)

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)

WHAT: 3 out of 5 -- verb - shot to death is spot on. The subject is a mix of metaphor and literal content. The literal is: young dead man, short dark hair. The other descriptor that is very correct is "dead face down in a white expanse." The problems with the correlation here is race, ethnicity, country of origin, and age (dreamer's dead man was in his 30's), and these descriptors are tied intimately to the subject to where we must pull additional material to substantiate the claim. The big metaphor in Albelba's dream has strong racial context, particularly all the WHITE and BLACK tensions that surround this whole news story. Therefore, we begin with a 5.0 and begin subtracting for metaphors. First, because of the nationality and age discrepancies, we really do need to fall back on the metaphor to complete the subject. We start with subtracting the standard 0.5 for it being a non-identified metaphor prior the event. In addition, we subtract an additional 0.5 because the metaphor isn't strikingly pronounced to where everyone would agree with it. Plus, the RACE metaphor itself is one degree away from the actual people. In other words, it wasn't the players in the dream who were white and black, but all the symbology everywhere in the dream. Thus one degree away subtracts an additional 1.0 for the WHAT.
The other descriptors are surprisingly accurate, especially the official that is embarrassed. That could equate to the Furgeson policeman who made the shots and is now being ridiculed by a certain percentage of newswatchers.

WHERE: 0 out of 5 -- Zero - In the US, not Britain, all players in the news are US citizens, no Russians present.

--Although news reporters are commenting about 'alienation' among black youth in Ferguson (except this metaphor does not achieve any points)

WHEN: 3 out of 5 -- 3 - The month is correct. Mr. Brown was shot on the 9th August, and it was an intentional dream about August.

Metaphors or further clarification include:
This was a project august dream. It matches the Brown shooting in that the dead man is lying face down in the middle of a white expanse (street), has short dark hair, and made a mistake for which he was killed suddenly. The dreamer also mentions the mistake made by the victim, and this would match Brown's alleged theft prior to the shooting.
The month is correct.
The location, race of the victim, and actual circumstances of the shooting are completely different from those of the dream, and so we really needed this white/black dream metaphor to substantiate the validity herein.

Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 3-0-3
- A first for Ablelba, but this dreamer has a lot of talent....expect many more!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to

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