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Question to other Dreamers
I have a 'deep' question for other dreamers that actually 'see' future possibilities or portents. I am not quite sure how to ask this, let me see if I can put it into a form that conveys what I am wondering.

I have a lot of dreams, most are either very personal (like, new kitten to be found; or car flat tire, etc. which hit pretty frequently to be semi-accurate, anyhow), and the big monstrous 'apocalyptic dreams' (floods, earth changes, etc.).

Of the 'big ones' (that I would post here), seldom (and I mean really rare) do I see people in them. Actually, I normally only see people if they (or injuries to them) are a part of the overall story to be conveyed. If I see an army marching, it is faceless. If I see a king, he is faceless. If I see a group of stragglers or survivors, they are hooded or other face covering, or are 'faceless'. Meanwhile, monsters are not faceless. Movie stars are not faceless.

I can see a city pending disaster, and I will see it from an 'airplane view' and there will be lights, cars moving, tides flowing, clouds moving - but I won't see the details of one single person, if I even see the bi-pedal structure of a human to start with. I have realized this for years.

Why do I not dream of humans, or when I do, it is almost like they (their identity) is unimportant? Even when I see 'a set place-holder human' (i.e.: a king, a leader, a tyrant, a priest), I will see the garb, feel the title, but never see the face. It is like Witness Protection, the faces (and identities) have been scrubbed to protect the future from being 'pre-warned'. I mean, even when race is an issue to the story, I will normally derive it from their hands, not faces.

Has anyone else had such a thing happen (consistently) in their dreams? Being old, I now kinda joke about it as 'the divine's form of Witness Protection, while getting the overall story to me still' - not that I can do a lot about the story to begin with.

Just wondered.

- Trapper -
Sometimes dreams that look prophetic are really just metaphoric for things the subconscious is trying to work out for Self. I'm wondering if the lack of humans might be an indicator for one side or the other. I was initially thinking that a lack of people might indicate a non-prophetic, self-oriented dream, but now I'm not so sure about that. When we get into fate vs. destiny, a prophetic dream with no humans might simply indicate that you're seeing something with 100% fate. In other words, no one can control it, and therefore the divine source of the dream is sparing you any emotional turmoil over this fate that is about to happen.

Similarly, if the prophetic dream is a possible destiny that we CAN control might also explain the phenomenon. It's saying, "Hey Trapper, here's what humanity is creating!" and humans are left out of the picture because it's a group one individual to blame.

I personally don't seem to have the big collective level prophecy dreams yet, but I've read quite a few of them, and I can't recall seeing a whole lot of people in them. You've brought up an incredible point, Trapper. Now I'll keep my eye on this phenomenon and hopefully have a better answer for you later!
Eagle1, NADW, I see both points with validity (path of Fate, unlinked from human control; and flexible, reusable paths that may be historic re-occurring paths).

Since entering that early this morning (another really bad dream woke me in the early AM, is why I entered the Hawaii entry), I thought on my own question, and think it may actually be a situation of BOTH conditions, intermixed.

Again, being open-minded and agnostic about the 'religious-factor', I envision some situations that many would consider 'taboo' to think on (such as mortal existence being nothing but a 'Cecile B. DeMille grand movie', complete with main cast and 7-billion extras on-set). I look at 'divinity' as more towards the 'Promethius' movie type of 'Engineer', and that they have ability to write, re-write, or totally change 'scripts' to suit a purpose - hence why some dreams to known psychics never materialize, while others do; and the 3-year old highlights accuracy greater than the more well-known seers sometimes (basically, their 're-publishing of a script re-write, and how they get it to us, into our collective conscious).

Hence, Nostradamus is famous, and so is Cayce - but little 10-year old Timmy scored perfect on a massive cataclysm. Why? I see that type of event as a high-profile 'script re-write' where the writer or producer wants everyone to see, to know, that 'a change is probable'. Openly reading and understanding the Bible, you can also see it for what it really is. It is a script OUTLINE, not a finite, minutia-filled script itself. Most religious documents that have stood the test-of-time are likewise written in similar format.

Back to 'no-facial-identity' though, I agree also with something you said, Eagle1 (or maybe I am interpreting it too broadly), that you have more 'personal' or 'local' dreams; and of that mix, you don't have as much 'anonymity' issues as I described. I can likewise agree with that, that when I see 'lost carkeys', 'missing kittens' or 'passionate moments', most-times if it is of a personal nature to me, I DO see faces (hilariously, not always the RIGHT face, or they are actually MIXED UP, like passionately kissing an actress while my wife is acting in a movie that we are watching, that kind of mix-up).

I find old age highly entertaining, at times. I've actually seen the end of three TV show series before we 'got to that point' (Netflix is a great thing for playing catch-up on old series you didn't see all of). I knew Jim got shot (and killed, though it is never said) in the TV show Glades. I thought my wife would NEVER forgive me when I said this to her at the start of Season 3. She accused me of jumping ahead and seeing it without her, though I didn't. When he died in the show, she refused to believe I dreamed it.

I do have to close on the fact that I'm not crazy, nor senile or affected in any way. Before I took early retirement, and after the service, I actually had a career in structural engineering. I was highly grounded, to say the least. Maybe I didn't have dreams back in my younger days due to 4-hours of sleep and 16-hour work-days? Maybe too much traveling or too much stress. I was 'in-retirement' for almost 3-years before all this actually 'kicked into high gear', and then I remembered, when I was 11, 12, 13; I also had a few years of highly-active-dream-state then too - and everything then was just as scary (mostly moreso, since I had no real-world experience to ground it against) as what I see now. A lot has changed that I see, versus what I saw then - but the overall story is the same, even the key roles. Unfortunately, I still don't see faces to validly confirm it.

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