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11/09/14 Angel Cross + Agent Orange
Yep, another crater in the collective unconscious apparently. “Angel” is a sort of mini-surge and “Cross” is just now getting back to it’s typical average after an apparent 1-month hiatus. Press continues to  dazzle, but very conspicuously. It is at an all-time high and climbed 24% more.

All the rest of the word list comprising low-surging words, yet they are up near their all-time highs. For example, Urine is simply a strange meme, but we’ve seen it periodically throughout the past month. It’s climb from yesterday was abysmal, but it wasn’t negative, which one would expect for having that kind of run in weeks past. Okay, so the big takeaways here is obviously the top daily surges Angel and Cross….something very spiritual, and something even uplifting. Next, two of the top watch words are “Press & Conference,” which just happen to get used together in regular speech, and towards the bottom, the two watch words are “Agent Lucky.”

For me, the groupings are really sporadic, as indicated by press conference. I believe this has to do with most of the words hovering right at around 0% for daily change. The only grouping I indicated was at the bottom. These words are familiar to us, but I provide them here because they sing a troublesome note: “Yes, Agent Orange Lucky.” ………..I suppose it’s just a coincidence that Veteran’s Day is just two days away?


Plain Text version:
The Queen Saga continues:

November 9 - angel cross press dance fancy Queen grade history brie urine modify delete conference deceased rat dorm wrinkle invisible aisle mission keys auto yes orange agent lucky

angel cross(es) press dance
fancy Queen grade(d) [on] history
brie(cheese) urine [to] modify/delete conference [on] deceased rat
dorm wrinkle invisible
invisible aisle mission
mission keys auto(matic) yes
orange agent (re: Queen) lucky

1970: - The Queen and her new husband were travelling from Sydney to Orange, Australia when their train struck a large wooden log, that was allegedly placed on the tracks in the hope of causing the train to derail as it came barreling full pelt down the track.

According to the BotRun, what is being presented in the news doesn't wash. This was meant to be an inside job.
Agent, orange, Brie and rat are all back again today! Hmm....Is the press dancing around the truth of what some rat is doing?? Brie, why in the world? I don't even know if I like that cheese since I doubt I've ever tasted it. What nation gets credit for creating it? Could that be the point in it repeatedly surfacing? Just looked. Brie is French, ha, I should know this since I'm one-sixteenth French but nope.

I would think that part of the reason Agent orange is staying around is the news story about 600? claiming they are sick from something from Iraq war. Maybe this news story broke when it did because of Veterans' Day coming? Dunno.

Queen should be day-clutter because of the news of some terrorist being nailed for plotting to kill her, or words near that, I suspect.
Brie is a a fairly common first name. IT is a french cheese, though, most instances of it being in the news are related to the person, not the cheese.

Though, the EU is tired of the US using Brie, Parmesean or Cheddar for that style of cheese and are working towards making it illegal to use those names on cheese not produced in the region, from which they originated.
Ooh, a name for a person! LOL at myself, thank you. Dang, I do redneck real good. (I know, I know, should've said "well.") Being a native Texan ruined me for the finer things in life, ha. I never put Brie on top of my chili, if ya know what I mean?

Looks like England has a female wrestler? name Brie, well it came up with wwe, and Brie Larson is a young actress from Hollywood. Hmm....maybe France is indeed about to make the news.
Toronto's Union Station reno triggers rat 'spillover'

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