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Interpretation Requested: Weird Cedar Point dream
Hello all,

I had this weird dream last night. I was hoping some of you geniuses could help me interpret it. I do have some thoughts on this dream already, but I will reserve my thoughts for a little bit to see what you guys come up with organically. Thanks to everyone who gives it a try!
Thank you for your interpretation, you are right on point. The releationship/home life refers to my dog, who died two weeks ago (which is why I have temporarily stopped incubating P1 missions). I want to let my dreams show me what they want to show me for now, but I will resume P1 missions within the next two weeks. At the time of this dream I had already cleared my mind for a week and sold the vape in the dream to a friend, but I feel my subconscious was just highlighting the importance of that commitment. As to the rest of the dream, I feel like my subconscious was trying to identify other problems in my life, but I am having trouble identifying them....
If you don't mind my view.
That reminds me of my typical dreams through out my life. I have moved a lot and am always seeking employment. It is becoming a drag in real life but I might actually get a job Jan 1, never mind me. When you are in a rut you sometimes have a dream that shows you in a socio (economic) standstill. I have dreams where I am on the jobsite and can get nothing done. A familiar area with little or no ability to control it. I also have had plenty of dreams where I cannot run or walk, those are frustrating. Changing yourself generally starts with freeing your mind. If you want to change you have to change the way you think. The Serendipity Principle is posted below. There are enough free pages to read (.pdf) that you can get the idea. Also, and I am guilty here, perhaps giving up the smoke might clear things up. Marijuana precludes vivid dreaming, if you want a real dream do not smoke at all that day. I am at the same crossroads. I started an exercise routine too.

Just a perspective of mine, I don't mean to impose. I have a buddy who took control of his professional life and has dreams about flying, 'all the time' he says. Maybe attempt another approach to your life path. Even if you are at the same job and so on you can look at life differently. I am prepared to make that step, I have one job for 5 weeks and start a good job Jan 1. I am sick of waiting but what can I do?

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