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DF_01 Sherriann 19 Nov 2014 Buffalo, NY Flooding
11-19-2014, 02:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-19-2014, 02:04 PM by Sherriann.) (#15)

nature concert mode underwater; enjoy wild state
enjoy wild state shift attempt
wild state shift attempt glowing
glowing sun fight[s] chaos

This smacks of the NY snowstorm, which just might break a record, especially in Buffalo.
Winter winds do sing in concert and snow is frozen water.
When the sun begins to fight off the winter chaos and the flooding begins, more chaos....

The storm began on Monday, the 17th.

Headline: November 26 - Buffalo, NY experiences worst flooding in decades due to melting snow.

Seriously, the temperature in Buffalo is forecast to rise to 13C on Monday the 24th.
Buffalo snow melting but flood fears ease

Worries over disastrous flooding eases in snowbound Buffalo

The latest news I could find about Buffalo, NY flooding was reported November 26. It's like 7 feet of snow doesn't/didn't exist.

I am glad that disaster was averted by good preparation, but it still feels odd to me that no major flooding occurred, or if it did, isn't being reported.
Does anyone here live in Buffalo?
Thankfully, Mother Nature wins.... Disaster averted although the news was of the same mind as my prediction. Is that worth something? *L* Maybe the headline could have been better worded like "Buffalo, NY experiences poised for worst flooding in decades due to melting snow.

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