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P2 Mike Show us the way! DreamBot4 09/28/14
Remember Barry from 3 days ago? Well, he's back, and he's surging again. This is crazy because we even have some more inuendos about music and shows. What's more is that "Mike" is surging even more, AND coincident with the word "Exploring."  Thus, we have an "Exploring Mike."

I find that particularly interesting because Mike was our first volunteer emergency dreamer, and thus he's our go-to explorer in the dreaming world. It's also very interesting that I had to invoke the emergency incubations yesterday and called upon Mike to explore it for us. Perhaps this is all it's saying here, OR perhaps Mike will show us the fate of Barry in his dream rather than the called-upon election/leadership meme from yesterday.

Looking lower on the list, we see that "Moon is Starting." What could that mean? The follow on words are "Parts" and "Town" and "Awesome."

That's all for now...I'm going back to getting our updgraded forum all decked out.

9/28/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

exploring    183.0%    2400.0%
mike    269.2%    2300.0%
shows    193.8%    1100.0%
barry    136.0%    1050.0%
dare    138.8%    750.0%
greek    71.6%    600.0%
band    291.7%    462.5%
hopefully    98.3%    333.3%
yea    80.6%    333.3%
ladder    80.2%    300.0%
tattoo    59.6%    266.7%
paralysis    56.5%    250.0%
lion    102.2%    240.0%
gym    89.0%    225.0%
interrupted    127.2%    220.0%
murder    52.2%    220.0%
climbed    66.5%    200.0%
days    71.1%    182.9%
necklace    85.8%    150.0%
dry    113.1%    133.3%
series    61.1%    125.0%
symbolism    56.2%    125.0%
moon    53.3%    116.7%
starting    52.1%    100.0%
That election meme that you mentioned in this thread, can you bring it here to the new forum? That one stuck in my mind, it resonated as a big deal. (I'm new here, having had posted only one dream and likely I put it in the wrong place, but you did post it for me. I am not a regularly-gifted dreamer, not yet anyway. I am a true intuitive, but not psychic, for what it's worth, or not.)

I need to go find those election terms again. Were they "election, success and yet a word that's very concerning? dangme, what was it? Sorry. I have zero desire to be political here, and am not trying to be. But election IS a political reality and I think that it pointing to the Senate changing hands, House staying as it is, and then millions of folks being jubilant, but soon alarmed because perhaps the ones in power now are capable of a false flag or something dramatic, 'tween Election day and that day in Jan. when the new ones are seated into office.

If I'm too political here and you need to delete my post, my apology and I will more than understand. I'm merely a guest here. This is not my "living room."
Hi Nanny,

That was the Sept 27 run that was placed in the DreamBlog here:

Eagle1, maybe that run should be put in the DreamBot Run section now that we are up and running so that discussion can happen there.
Yes, I agree. I posted that DreamBot run in this forum. Here's the link.

OH, and New're going to have to get a lot more political than that to get ousted here. Open minds central at the's hard to say anything that these people haven't already heard about and discussed themselves, so brainstorm away.

Rebecca and Balsa will be coming by to collect the meme ideas you've got, and seeing the world through the eyes of a Google search for "election," yeah, I can see this is going to be one of those Sky Flash memes...i.e., really big!
Huge thanks, Eagle1. Nice to meet you and I appreciate the friendly welcome. I guess I should delete my post on this thread and put it over there where it belongs.

SherriAnn, wasn't ignoring you when I posted. Thanks and glad to meet you, too.
Greece Councilman Mike Barry Announces Resignation
link found on Drudge Report
Mysterious feature on Saturn's moon baffles NASA scientists
Moon's hidden valley system revealed
Eagle1, remember this run?! Yet another one where the bot runs pointed to us here at NDC. What a trip, this one about Mike.

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