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11/29/14 Cube + Lucy + BOMBS!
Wow. Even though our list of big surging words is rather small today, there is so much to behold here. First off, the Exploration theme from last few consecutive days continues here with “Journey,” but since that word is relative peons, let’s look at the rest of the fascinating list. Humanity’s performance on Black Friday is being acknowledged here with “Worst Fri Consciousness,” and the latter word is duplicated with “Brain.”

Something that is so clear, though, is that two versions of Bomb are present, but the plural version is surging well above it’s all-time high. This is very significant, even though neither of those words makes it individually to Red Alert level.

Something I didn’t annotate in the chart, but also is quite important is, “Technically LUCY Significant.” Lucy is more than double it’s all-time high, and that is rather important. Lucy is surging, and in case this is the signal, we hack the clocks for 3 weeks, which is Dec 20, 2014.

What I’m also trying to figure out is how the de-surging words are to be interpreted. I find it amazing that Carpet Riding are right next to each other even though their overall profiles are completely different. Zoo and Animals are close to each other, and what do we make of “Beat Evil” as those words are losing ground? Does this mean that we can’t beat evil, or negative surging words to be analyzed just like positively surging words? I have no idea at this point, but whatever the answer will indicate how to read “Sun Chasing Zero Basically”   Yikes!


cube snowflake bombs technically lucy significant bomb method worst fri consciousness wow journey aliens suicide presence setting becoming view created brain
Here's a list of famous peeps named "Lucy."
Wonder which one is gonna make the news.

Sun chasing zero is a puzzle or uh...dang words escape me...a mystery for sure. What is zero? so we can't know if sun is chasing a period of less sunspots/flares, or if it's chasing zero..."fill in the blank."
If zero stands for zero comfort zone, electricity, zero life-as-normal, we're in deep doo. I say that because I read just days ago that the sunspot that gave us several X and M class flares is coming around the bend, back towards Earth again. I didn't like this news, at all!

I'm watching for any dreams that combine "island" with "bomb" or any form of those two words, or God-forbid if folks start dreaming of the term "Hawaii." We're very close to the Pearl Harbor attack Anniversary. That attack was on Sunday, Dec. 1941 and yep, this year..."2014" it falls on a Sunday.
Some island south is to be closed per a very recent botrun, and now bomb and bombs is being dreamed about, or was a lot for this botrun. Hope this isn't intuition and ods are, it is not but dang if intuition doesn't come just like this and we repeatedly only get our confirmation of course, after the fact.

I'm remiss if I don't include this. I just realized per this Lunar Calendar which uses "UTC" time, that around approximately 2am on Dec. 7th is the next full moon. This matters per another bot run that had moon and moons? in it...gotta find the date of that one.

Nov. 1st and 2nd. bot runs are about this, with Moon and Moons with attacking and murder on the 2nd.
I even think some of what I'm typing belongs on the threads of those two botruns, but I do not want to spam the forum by copying and pasting. Oh, I can just put the link to today's run on those two threads without spamming. However, are just two words here, "bomb" and "bombs" enough reason to do so? So, I'll not and will also stop "thinking aloud here" for now.
Bomb scare on inbound plane at JFK airport
Bombs attached to a bird's body...shot down
I would offer that this fulfills the Cube alert.

News out the same day as the Red Alert "Cube"....those surging words typically manifest between 0 to 2 days.
I'm fascinated by "sun chasing zero." It just did an M1 Solar flare in the past six hours or less.
Merk buys Cubist for $105 a share.

Not an exact match...but important on Wall Street.
So, how likely is it that "Lucy" stands for "Lucifer" in this run? With "significant bomb bombs" maybe so.

Is this collider capable of opening portals to the dark side of the force, per "Lucy?"

I can't we have an exact date they're firing up the Collider? Well, not like they have to stick with a certain date on something this earth-shattering. Oh, wish I hadn't used those terms.

Wonder if they're gonna fire the thing up on a Friday! that, too is covered in this run if it happens. Oh, but we have a Friday the 13th. and "they" are mindgamers, so maybe they will do just that.

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