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12/06/14 Red Alert apparently continued
Although there are no Red Alerts available today, I see this as a very important one for several reasons. The blue series of thin arrows definitely extend yesterday’s main theme. In fact, our top word today could be the best synonym for yesterday’s Phantom. The other relevant words include Halloween which was highlighted yesterday. Just a quick indicator here: Yesterday’s Halloween had a positive percentage in column 1, but today it’s red (or negative). That means that Halloween peaked yesterday and has come down just slightly by 3.7%.

The second meme, new and fresh starting today is JAPAN. It’s one thing to have a word like Japanese in the Caution area, but to have support below it is definitely meaningful. Maybe Village isn’t a part of this meme, but Asian sure is. The big question here is whether Japan/Asian is connected with our Phantom/Invisible meme? Furthermore, consider that Japan is an island which was indicated yesterday in the Water meme.

In the biggest loser section, the word God took a nosedive, but consider this interesting tidbit: Yesterday it was “Lord Hate” and today “God” is just 3 words away from Hate again, but on the downside. Plus, notice that Hours and Hour both plummet together. That could also be meaningful.

An "agent" story:

This story also covers some of the other words from 12/03's bot run: ship, global(Saudi-born, wanting a position in Egypt), visual(if you think in terms of photographing plans).
Avian flu: CFIA confirms disease has spread to a 5th Fraser Valley farm

But world markets have reacted to the B.C. outbreak, leading to several countries including the U.S., South Africa Japan, South Korea and China to impose trade restrictions on poultry and poultry products from all of Canada.

A ban in Hong Kong covers any poultry meat or products from the entire Fraser Valley Regional District. Hong Kong imported 7,000 tonnes of frozen poultry and about 170,000 poultry eggs from Canada between January and October of this year.

Hong Kong has had its own problems with avian flu, including an H5N1 outbreak in 2011 that lead to the slaughter of more than 19,000 birds and a ban on the sale of live poultry for three weeks.
Avian flu in Britain and the Netherlands, too.
The words are missing from this botrun. Not just the colored category which isn't on a lot of them, but no words in Eagle1's opening statements.

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