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P1_12 Mission: 12 Dec 14 Red Alert
View the Red Alert and Instructions here:
This post is to help explain the process of dream incubation. New dreamers should reference this as they go about incubating dreams for the Mission P1_12:

What is Incubation?

From Project August, we learned that you can actually ask to dream about future events. In that project, dreamers made a pre-sleep intention to dream about the biggest headlines for a future time period (in this case, August 2014). We also learned that it wasn’t so much the individual resulting dreams that provided the insight, but the collective overlaps that occurred for details that mattered. Therefore, it was paramount that dreamers document their dreams even if the dream seemed to be completely irrelevant. There might be an important color or symbol in the dream that overlaps with others, and even if there isn’t, the linguistics can help us find more detail, too.

For example, the Project August linguistics told us that “Earth food hard ice,” helped us create a headline that matched this past summer’s Polar Vortex, which wiped out almost 100% of the US’s northern grape harvest. So, we know that incubation does have effectiveness, no matter if one actually dreams about specific future events. Thus, the incubation process is very fruitful if done in a group setting such as what we’re doing here.

The Process

INCUBATE: Everyone can incubate future dreams. You don’t have to have any sort of latent talent to do this. All you will do is think or speak that you will receive a dream about what the word “Fireworks” has to do with big headlines in December. You don’t have to request “Fireworks;” maybe you’d rather incubate about “Apocalypse.” Choose one of the big memes, and try to take one that you’re really interested in. One that gives you a lot of emotion. If all of the words give you equal emotion, then try to choose one that others have not chosen.

DOCUMENT: When you wake up, no matter what the content of the dream (unless too graphic or explicit), you go to the DreamBase and set up an account if you haven’t done so already (start an account by hitting “Register” and supplying a valid email address in the form; after submitting the captcha at the bottom, you’ll then need to go to your email to pick up the first password for your account.)
When you come back to the DreamBase with your login information, you’ll first login and then proceed to “Submit Dream.” In the resulting dropdown menu, you’ll select “DreamBase 2.0” and begin filling out the form. Please realize that this incubated dream will go under our new mission called P1_12.

DISCUSS: Although not mandatory, it is very beneficial to also head back here to the forum so that your dream can be discussed and assimilated with the others. The discussion takes place right here in this thread.

Remember, though, our two divisions (the dreams database and the forum)  are not yet bridged, so you’ll have to register again for the forums, and here again you’ll have to active the account with the email you provide during this second registration process. If you’re thinking that this confusing and redundant, you’re not alone. We put this together with free products and are currently designing a whole new system that will bridge the two together. I apologize for the inconvenience.

What’s Next?
As the dreamers are providing dreams and discussing the various metaphors and implications of those dreams, the DreamForecasters are analyzing the dreams and the linguistics to come up with possible headlines/predictions.  This is designed to be an iterative approach, meaning that we incubate dreams to help bring further details to what we already know about what the collective is dreaming about (in this case, Apocalypse and Jim and Fireworks).

Some of the dreams will be exact replicas of future events, while the others will provide further linguistics phrases to aid in the incubation process. It sounds complex, but it’s rather simple once you get the hang of it. Just pick a meme to dream about, construct a detailed incubation, document the dream, and then discuss it. While discussing, you help the DreamForecasters with important metaphors that can be easily overlooked when reading and analyzing tons of dreams.
That’s it in a nutshell. Thanks for helping us! If you have any questions, simply ask them below.
Based on one dream, it looks like we're moving towards the happy type of apocalypse! Check out Edna's dream:

I think it would be very wise for her to do the exact same incubation again! Smile
.....happy type of apocalypse! New Year's Eve is a six pack happy time. Wink
""OK, now believe me on this, but if you look into my past dream posts, old now , n prob archived. In one of the dreams "Death of and Martial Law" One of my first sentence's explaining the feeling, was "People/we seemed to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off."
Now the Christmas tree intrigues me! As it seams to be a symbol of the "Coming of or lord and savor Jesus Christ" Because of another dream posted here, simply labeled "Savor" In this dream I participated in X-mas tree theft to decorate our party with.
This is the "Apocalypse" Ist just the beginning, things will get much worse before they get better.... Sad Earthquake..."shaking" Jan-Feb...with high hopes of nothing to come!

"Ive had these dreams too" Very similar!
Sorry guys, my 2-part dream didn't come out being terribly happy!
I focused on "jim".

The dream stressed both "cabinet" and "kast"(pronounced like "cost"), which leads me to believe both terms are important in some way. In fact, I woke up after this dream and scribbled both words down in my dream journal to make sure I didn't forget. And the man who stepped from the cabinet was not seen before he did so, in effect appearing out of nowhere. Speaking to the suddenness/unexpectedness of what he does?

As a side note: The cabinet in my dreams is currently sitting in our garage because it needs some repairs but when it's in the house it holds my collection of dragons. Big Grin
Initial impressions of the previous 3 posts:

First off, I must say that "Friar/Fryar" (DLP's dream character) sound a lot like FIRE (shadewolf's main theme), which also seems to dovetail into Save Life's bigger archtypical meme of fire and brimstone.

Great job incubating. I know it probably doesn't feel "successful" to the dreamers, but according to Carl Jung, there is quite a bit of future material in these dreams. It just takes persistence, introspection, and open-minded metaphoric divergent thinking to extract the future headline.

Hopefully P1-12 will end up having enough dreams to conduct a linguistics analysis, too. We're right on track, though, so keep up the great work. My kids keep waking me up, or else I'd have a couple of dreams to help out here.
Impressions from Europe. A reader who wants to contribute but is having problems entering the forum:

I cannot login and the forum doesn't recognize my email address. So my penny worth below...

Hi there so yesterday Jim Murphy was elected leader of the Scottish labour party,, so anti Cameron (Sam is Camerons wife)

fireworks for burns night

Aliens could be emigrants the natural voters for labour. 

Sky could be the sky news corporation, what apocalyptic announcement will they be making? Also all airspace was shut down over london on friday, for some reason that didn't make much sense, computer failure at eurocontrol. Also every french secret service vehicle was on the road on friday in paris, along with all manner of emergency vehicles flying around sirens blazing. Also there was a note in my childs preschool workbook about what to do if the school goes into shut down. Everyone had to read and sign it. The city alarms (still active since the war, they are checked the first wed for every month, perfect to invade) will sound, you must listen to radio 87.7 and under no circumstances come to collect your child. chilling stuff. never saw anything like it before. 

vague is french for wave. 

Shaking visible aliens, could be all those in the torture camps, or kidnap victims….

But to me the most unbelievable blow would be if the whole truth of the Jimmy Savile case came out. His children's show for years was called "Jim'll fix it". He used to wear this big chain like a lord mayor. Because if the real depth of horror came out, which it must surely do. Then you will see Stars (of all sorts, tv, film, journalism - jill abrahamson made a fairly brutal exit, wonder if it had anything to do with the former head of the bbc, who is now at nyt etc..) visibly shaking and it will lead right up to the swords of the "honors list". 

Anyway that a european angle.
(12-13-2014, 05:09 PM)Sherriann Wrote: .....happy type of apocalypse! New Year's Eve is a six pack happy time.  Wink

The intent was to dream about two words - fireworks and apocalypse.

Fireworks in New York City is pretty standard.

After reading aisha north's December 11th channeling a day after I posted the dream, I began to think that perhaps the family may be trying to unsuccessfully hide from the transition into 'bee-ing' considering that apocalypse means 'lifting' of the veil'. People, including myself, have been programmed to think that 'apocalypse' is some dire world ending/changing event. Still, I wonder what it will take or what will happen to masses toward ending the current program and moving into a better one.

The comments on her channeling post are equally interesting and refer to a number of words contained in the recent Bots.
Recall that Chain was in the Red Alert area on this mission set. Chain appears inside the big Sony drama:
Oil prices has dropped dramatically, and there is a community buzz about a collapse/crash of the stock market. People are not spending the usual Holiday Quota....fear grips Washington of things to come as a direct result of this. Keeping a watchful eye out.
Hi there, I am kinda new here but have contributed to the old NDC in the past, this is just my first time with intentions / mission.  I was reading about this run and last night (12/22) I set an intention to see the major headlines on Dec 25 and all I got was snow (or ash - it seemed different than regular snow) and the number 618 (or 6 and then 18).

I did have a thought about the Jim / Fire thing....
After this upcoming weekend the San Francisco 49ers are going to fire head coach Jim Harbaugh.  In the grand scheme of things this is just sports news but it is also something of interest to 49ers fans, Oakland Raiders fans and University of Michigan fans - millions of people as well as Las Vegas bookies are watching this.  This may lead to a major signing of Harbaugh to the UofM making him the highest paid coach in all of college football.  Yes, his firing may be the biggest career move of his life and will make headlines all over the place.  The 49ers have now announced that they plan to fire Jim - this info came out on 12/21.  In my opinion, this run was successful in predicting this event!
Well, just because it's sports doesn't mean that the collective unconscious isn't infatuated with it. Rather the contrary. Take for example Heidi Klum's Butterfly costume this halloween.

Plus, we have seen a definite sticky meme with sports, and specifically football bowl games, so your idea here really does make sense. As an aside, I think Michigan likes Harbaugh because that's Alma-mater. Other than having one good season with the Colts where he almost completed a hail mary to make it to the Super Bowl (can't remember the year, but it was against the Steelers), I don't think this guy has much to offer in the name of football, especially if what you're saying is true...that he will be highest paid coach. I think they'll be disappointed, but good for him anyway! Smile

Thanks for the incubation and thank you for your comments here!

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